What Is Salesforce Digital 360?

In late September, Salesforce announced Digital 360, an innovation that promises to deepen customer relationships through seamless marketing, commerce, and online experiences. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced customers into embracing digital experiences at such a fast rate that organizations are racing to keep up. It’s no surprise that your customers are online more than ever before. Digital 360 accommodates this digital-first trend by transforming customer engagement and accelerating growth in the work-from-anywhere world. But what exactly is it?

Understanding Digital 360

Digital 360 combines Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud to deliver a holistic view of the customer across their buying journey. It delivers a single source of truth for personalizing customer experiences. Think of it as a one-stop center for any CRM needs. Put simply, Digital 360 connects all your customer touchpoints to build strong relationships between your buyers and your brand.

What Is Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketers to collect customer data across channels and services, then leverage data insights to deliver personalized, connected marketing experiences. Create effective customer journeys that flow seamlessly across email, social, content, websites and more. Use analytics-driven decision making to improve conversions, attract new leads, decrease bounce rates and inspire customer loyalty.

What Is Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers B2B and B2C businesses to deliver seamless shopping capabilities across mobile, digital, and social platforms. Deliver end-to-end unified commerce experiences that put customer needs front and center to make shopping easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Then, use AI-powered product recommendations to up-sell and cross-sell, boost average order value, and decrease the time to purchase.

What is Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform that enables companies to quickly build CRM-powered digital experiences for their customers, partners, and employees. Experience Cloud makes it easy for users to create effective digital experiences. The platform is low-code, allowing users to drag-and-drop tech elements, so that anyone, not just developers, can tailor experiences for each customer. Users can easily digitize their processes, accelerate business growth, and stay ahead of customer expectations.

What does Digital 360 mean for your business?

As a result of the pandemic, businesses were forced to go digital overnight. As the holiday season approaches, businesses should put their best foot forward. Digital 360 delivered the full power of Salesforce – enabling businesses to mood with the speed, agility and scale to operate at high levels every day. And businesses that used Digital 360 saw measurable results like CSA Group’s:

  • 33% increase in conversions
  • 50% increase in online revenue
  • 24% increase in average order value
  • 49% decrease in bounce rate

Still not sure how Digital 360 can help you reach your goals? Download our white paper, “What Digital 360 Means For You.”

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