What Is Salesforce B2B2C?

You don’t need us to tell you 2020 threw a wrench in everyone’s plans. Companies that had long resisted the shift to digital were forced to switch to meet fast-changing buyer demands. Those who did, stand to see the rewards in their bottom line: 87% of B2B buyers would pay more for a supplier with great digital experiences, confirming that not all change is bad. In fact, 68% of buyers strongly agree that B2B companies must become more comfortable with change to thrive in the post-pandemic era. 

While change can take many forms, some B2B companies opted to open D2C channels to overcome the social distancing and supply chain challenges brought on by the pandemic. Instead of working with a third party distributor, customers now have the option of making purchases from the comfort of their own home. And that convenience is here to stay. To make it easier than ever to launch a direct-to-consumer channel, Salesforce has launched their B2B2C Commerce platform. Not sure if it’s a good fit for your business? Learn more below.


What is Salesforce B2B2C Commerce? 

Salesforce’s new B2B2C Commerce app allows B2B companies to quickly launch a connected, direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce storefront. It simplifies the launch process by empowering business stakeholders to build their portal with clicks, not code. Companies that sell through distributors and retailers can now capture first-party data, enabling them to better understand their full customer base. And thanks to Salesforce Digital 360 – which connects Salesforce clouds to deliver a holistic view of your customer – you can seamlessly design revenue-driving experiences across every customer touchpoint. (If you’d like to learn more about what Salesforce Digital 360 can do for your business, check out our white paper.)


Is Salesforce B2B2C Commerce Right for My Business? 

If you’re not sure if Salesforce B2B2C Commerce is right for you, consider the following common use cases:

  • B2B businesses launching a D2C channel for the first time: If you’re not completely sure about how much you’ll sell in your new D2C channel – or even what products you’d like to offer – Salesforce B2B2C Commerce allows you to launch quickly and iterate over time. That means more flexibility to adapt to your buyers’ needs quickly.
  • B2B brands who need quick time to value for a new commerce channel: Leverage premade launch templates and pre-built integrations to see faster return on investment.
  • CPG or manufacturers who want to sell directly to consumers for the first time: Salesforce B2B2C was built with the complexities of B2B businesses in mind.
  • Brands that have an existing Salesforce footprint: Running your B2B and D2C channels from the same platform makes launching and selling easier than ever. 


How Does Salesforce B2B2C Work With Other Salesforce Clouds?

Salesforce solutions are designed to integrate with one another in pursuit of the Customer 360, a unified view of your customers across marketing, sales, service and more. Digital 360 makes cross-cloud connection across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud possible, which means you’re able to deliver superior digital experiences no matter the touchpoint. And Salesforce B2B2C is no exception: you’ll see engagement data, previous orders and more in a single customer profile. To learn more about how Salesforce Digital 360 can help you grow your brand, check out our white paper here


How Do I Get Started? 

If you’re looking to leverage B2B2C – or want to talk to a strategic advisor about whether Salesforce B2B2C is right for your business – our Salesforce certified experts are ready to help. Let’s get started

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