What Is an Acquia Grand Master?

Maybe you’re unsure which content management system is best for your enterprise needs. Or, maybe you’ve already settled on Drupal, but need help implementing and customizing your CMS framework. Or you’re passionate about Drupal’s capabilities and community, but are unsure how to deepen your understanding of the platform. Becoming certified as an Acquia Grand Master – or seeking out the strategic guidance of a Grand Master – provides a deep understanding of Drupal’s platform and its uses. Not sure where to get started on the path to getting certified or working with a Grand Master? Learn more below.


What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management framework. It can be customized or used out of the box to make it easier to author content, manage your page layouts, and more. It’s been used to create the framework for enterprise sites across the world, including sites for Pfizer, Fox, and Adtalem. If you want to learn more about Drupal, check out their site


What is an Acquia Grand Master? Why should I become a Grand Master?

Acquia Grand Masters are Drupal experts who have completed a Drupal-specific certification track created and updated by Acquia. As of January 2021, there are fewer than 500 Grand Masters in the world. Achieving certification is an accomplishment that sets apart Drupal developers, establishing you as a trusted resource and advisor for your clients. Earning this prestigious distinction opens doors for future career growth and unique Drupal projects (like completing the first Drupal and Salesforce B2B Commerce integration).


How do I become a Grand Master?

To become a Grand Master, you have to complete multiple certification exams written for the version of Drupal you wish to be certified in. The specific exams you’ll take will differ based on the version of Drupal you’re covering, but each track covers the same three areas. You’ll need to prove your expertise as a Developer, Front End Specialist, and Back End Specialist in order to earn the Grand Master accolade. See the entire track for the Drupal 9 Grand Master certification here. Looking for more general certifications? Acquia also offers certification exams in personalization, cloud platforms and more. Learn more here.


Preparing for the Acquia Certified Grand Master Exam: What is the Best Way to Learn Drupal?

There are a few ways aspiring Grand Masters should prepare for certification exams:

  • Use study guides from Acquia’s site, as well as those developed by other Grand Masters (this is a good example).
  • Get familiar not just with how Drupal systems are used, but why systems are built the way they are. The certification exams often ask you to select the best solution from a list of solutions that would all work.
  • Give yourself time in between exams to adequately prepare. Taking all three exams back to back is not only exhausting, it increases the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Aim for hands-on experience. Real-world use cases and site launches will give you the experience and context you’ll need to pass the exam.
  • Review video courses from Acquia on a variety of Drupal-specific topics like layout and theming, site building, and module development.    


Meet Avionos’ Grand Master, Kyle Einecker

Kyle Einecker has five years of professional services experience implementing and architecting solutions on platforms such as Magento, Drupal and CloudCraze. With in-depth knowledge of both content management and eCommerce solutions, Kyle brings a unique full-picture approach to system integrations and content rich eCommerce site builds.​ His leading industries are B2B & B2C e-commerce, manufacturing & distribution, medical supply, and food services. ​​ Have additional questions for a Grand Master, or looking to connect with others in the Drupal community? You can find Kyle on LinkedIn here, see how he’s contributing to Drupal on his drupal.org profile, or read his blog, “Q&A with a Drupal Grand Master.”

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