What Happens After You Launch a B2B Commerce Portal?

No technology launch is ever “perfect.” Deadlines get changed, unforeseen problems arise and small details can get lost along the way. But one of the great things about launching a new portal is that those small problems are fixable. In fact, it happens all the time.  

If you’re wary of starting the journey to B2B Commerce portal launch, here’s what you can expect to experience:  

Training and Tech Adoption 

In the first few months immediately following launch, there is usually technical support needed around log-in, user management and minor styling alterations that may have been pushed aside during go-live. Oftentimes clients don’t know what every possible use case is for their commerce portal. Naturally, those are highlighted after the launch and are given immediate support to allow each customer to have a positive user experience and accomplish what they need.  

New Integrations 

About three to four months post-launch, support needs shift to order processing, ERP integration, and payments processor integration to make sure the purchase process runs flawlessly. Around this time, product information updates are generally needed as well. By this time, B2B Commerce portals have also gathered sufficient analytics to identify early user pain-points and user trends within the platform.  

Updates and Enhancements 

Months five to six start focusing on enhancements, especially if there are strong analytics to inform businesses of where the biggest problem areas are. Teams typically use that information to fine tune strong areas of the website and give greater attention to the areas that need it. In some cases, this may mean the website needs new functionality to support a previously unknown customer need.  

Ongoing Support 

Of course, every technology needs regular maintenance and updates to keep it optimized for current users. Sometimes it’s easiest to keep that maintenance within the same team that’s been by your side since the beginning. Our Avionos Operate managed services offering allows you to do just that! Get all the info here.  

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