What Does It Mean to Be a Salesforce Digital 360 Partner?

Businesses have overcome many challenges in the last 18 months, but one of the biggest was finding new ways to connect with customers without in-person experiences. Salesforce is making it easier than ever to offer leading customer experiences through their Digital 360 offering. And as a certified Digital 360 Partner, we can confirm that it’s the tool businesses need to stand out among the competition.

In our increasingly digital world, companies need to shift to a “customer-first” mindset. This means putting time and resources into ensuring the customer experience is intuitive, personalized and optimized. It also means adopting a proactive approach to your digital strategy and experiences so you can stay ahead of the competition. That’s where Salesforce Digital 360 comes in.


What is Digital 360?

Salesforce Digital 360 combines the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud to give your company a holistic view of the customer. It gives you a one-stop-shop for all of your customer data and provides insights to help you fine-tune your marketing plan. Let’s break down what each technology can do for your business:

  • Marketing Cloud
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables your business to deliver personalized campaigns with consistent branding at every touchpoint. Marketing Cloud encompasses all aspects of digital customer journey management including personalization, email, mobile, social media, advertising, content creation, and data analysis. [add case study link for FMB]
  • Commerce Cloud
    • No one likes to have hard stops during checkout. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables brands to create a unified, seamless buying experience across all devices. Regardless of if your business is B2B or B2C, digital commerce is here to stay, and businesses who haven’t launched an online storefront need to move quickly or risk losing market share. Check out our Quick Start offerings for Salesforce Commerce Cloud here and see our work in action here.
  • Experience Cloud
    • Salesforce Experience Cloud makes it easier to create and optimize experiences across interactive sites, apps and portals. Users can build experiences using clicks instead of code,and advanced AI capabilities mean better personalization and better experiences across channels. 


How does Digital 360 help brands grow?

With 54% of B2B buyers making more purchases online, your digital experience has to be seamless. Consumers are demanding more from companies and the gap between B2C and B2B buyer expectations is quickly closing. B2B and B2C businesses alike need to go beyond table stakes experiences like personalized coupons; it’s time to step up to edge out the competition.

Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Experience Cloud all integrate to give the consumer a quick and easy online experience free of technical errors. Your website becomes a powerful tool to  connect with customers and build trust. Plus, Marketing Cloud helps your team ensure branding and messaging is consistent throughout the entire journey. Every single touchpoint is an opportunity to build customer loyalty – or lose it.

Simply put: Salesforce Digital 360 helps your brand grow by delivering ROI through stronger digital experiences. Want to learn more about what it means for your business? Check out our white paper.


What is a Salesforce Digital 360 Partner?

Digital 360 Partners are trusted Salesforce partners with documented expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Experience Clouds. Digital 360 is a relatively new offering and certified Digital 360 Partners have demonstrated knowledge and capabilities that set them apart from the rest. Our client work, project technical difficulty, and ability to understand the entire Salesforce ecosystem inside and out have suited us for Digital 360 Partner status.


What are the benefits of working with a certified Digital 360 Partner?

In addition to getting the inherent expertise of Salesforce Digital 360 Partners, you also have the opportunity to enter into a network of talented Salesforce experts. That network will be the same ones who drive results for your business so you can see your ROI faster. 

Our client, CSA Group understood that  delivering stellar digital experiences was critical to achieving its business goals. CSA Group used their digital transformation as a way to completely reimagine the customer experience – and it paid off. After implementing Salesforce Digital 360 technologies, CSA Group saw a 50% increase in online revenue, 33% rise in conversions, 24% increase in average order value, and 4% decrease in bounce rates. If you want to learn more, you can read the full case study on our site here.


Is Avionos a Salesforce Digital 360 Partner?

Yes! We’re proud to be one of the original Digital 360 Partners.

When you partner with Avionos, you can rest assured knowing our team is working to help your digital transformation run smoothly and quickly. 

And our partnership with Salesforce allows us to create connected experiences quickly, then iterate over time to meet your customers’ unique needs.. Let us show you how we can help your business grow.

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