Webinar Preview: 5 Secrets to B2B Commerce Success

B2B commerce has reached a tipping point. As the widespread availability of new technology solutions and capabilities pushes standards for unique B2B eCommerce interactions ever higher, suppliers need to prioritize digital innovation. It’s no longer enough to simply invest in technology. Success now hinges on how well you use your digital capabilities to anticipate changing customer needs and offer innovative experiences.  eCommerce experts at Salesforce, BloomReach, and Brenntag shared hands-on experience on how to succeed in B2B eCommerce. This digital fireside chat included speakers Scott Webb, CEO of Avionos; Andy Peebler, VP B2B Commerce at Salesforce; Raj De Datta, Co-founder and CEO of BloomReach; and Josh Kester, Digital Channel Manager at Brenntag.  Curious what you’ll learn? We’re giving you a sneak peak. 

Why does digital experience matter for B2B commerce? 

As Avionos research shows, 88% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up. Improving your digital experience can grow your bottom line dramatically – and ignoring the need for digital transformation can be detrimental. Scott Webb, CEO and co-founder of Avionos, will discuss key third-party research, as well as Avionos’ latest study, and outline actionable steps to designing better digital experiences.

How can I improve my customers’ commerce experiences online? 

Creating 5 Star Experiences for Commerce means creating experiences that are simple, available, flexible, measurable, and personable. Offering relevant and innovative experiences is easier said than done. More and more B2B buyers are looking for B2B buying experiences that mirror B2C capabilities. Raj De Datta, Co-founder and CEO of Bloomreach, will cover similarities between B2B and B2C organizations’ buying capabilities.

While B2B buying requirements are much more complex, B2B customers expect a B2C-like buying experience. What characteristics are most important? 

Keeping B2B experiences simple and flexible on the front-end, while tying in sophisticated requirements behind the scenes, allows buyers to move seamlessly through the buying process. Remove barriers to purchase and provide easy-to-find product information to build eCommerce confidence. Our fireside chat will highlight simple, flexible experiences that Salesforce, Avionos, Brenntag and Bloomreach have worked on firsthand. 

How can I create innovative digital experiences if my company is in a traditionally conservative industry?

It’s important to strategically consider the benefits of digital transformation prior to beginning a B2B experience overall. Keep in mind that 99% of B2B buyers expect suppliers to prioritize innovation across a range of eCommerce areas. But starting the conversation isn’t always easy. Brenntag will address the driving forces behind their global investments in B2B experience. Click here to view the full Webinar.

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