Using Salesforce Digital 360 to Succeed in 2021

It’s no secret that this year has shaken up shopping habits. Ecommerce use has grown due to the lack of in-person shopping experiences and many found themselves purchasing from  new companies due to product shortages for essentials. This shift has sped up digital transformation at an unprecedented rate. With so many new and exciting opportunities, we think it’s time to reimagine what your digital strategy can look like, and what tools you need to do it.  

As a trusted Salesforce Silver Partner, we’re here to help you advance your capabilities using Salesforce Digital 360.  

What Is Digital 360?  

Simply put, Salesforce Digital 360 is a way to connect Salesforce Marketing, Commerce and Experience Clouds to deliver seamless, innovative experiences for customers while setting your own company up for success. So what benefits does it offer? 

Connecting Your Data 

With more and more of your customers interacting with your brand online, access to data is at an all-time high. But simply “having” data is hardly beneficial if you don’t know how to use it or only see a small piece of the puzzle. The future of marketing is heavily dependent on using data to inform customer profiles and customer journeys. Using that information can give a holistic picture of your customer and their preferences which you can use to inform a rock-solid marketing strategy. The continuous feedback loop from consumers then starts a cycle to keep your marketing on its A-game.   

Personalizing Your Customer Journeys 

Personalization isn’t an aspiration anymore, it’s a necessity. Consumers and B2B buyers are now demanding a shopping experience tailored to them. Has your business optimized its digital assets to suit varying customer profiles? If the answer is no, you may want to get onboard. Our 2020 B2C Report found that 41% of consumers switched companies due to poor personalization. In today’s market, every interaction counts. Check out the ROI JLL saw after prioritizing their own personalization projects 

Future Proofing Your Business 

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught businesses, it’s that the future is unpredictable. Changes will always arise, both big and small. The job of marketing, commerce, and experience teams is not to resist those changes, it’s to adapt. Salesforce Digital 360 enables agile adaptations by using flexible, scalable platforms so you can be ready for whatever the future has in store. In times like these, who wouldn’t want that reassurance? 

Selling Anywhere, Anytime 

Today’s consumers are everywhere- both figuratively and literally. A potential sale isn’t limited to when the customer is in-store. Sales can happen on your own website, social media, through digital ads, on mobile, on desktop, etc. Having a platform suited for all of those possibilities only increases the chances that one of those touchpoints will result in new revenue. Salesforce Digital 360 creates a platform and canvases its abilities to meet your consumers where they are. Plus, it gathers data along the way so you can not only do more, you can do it better.  

Combining all these benefits is a recipe for success! Are you ready to succeed in 2021? Let’s get started.  

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Dan is Principal and Co-Founder, with primary responsibilities including Business Development, Partner Alliances and Delivery Management. Dan leverages more than 15 years’ experience in running large business strategy, digital transformation and IT operations projects for some of the world’s leading brands and organizations.
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