Two Simple B2B Site Updates to Increase Online Orders

This blog is based on our recent webinar, The Role of B2B Commerce in Today’s Uncertain Times The shift to online ordering has been expedited thanks to COVID-19, but buyers were already searching for eCommerce options before stay-at-home orders were issued. According to our 2020 B2B Buyer Report, 81% of B2B buyers would choose a supplier with excellent eCommerce and customer portal capabilities even if the supplier’s product was moderately higher priced than a competitor’s. Suppliers that deliver sub-par experiences risk leaving money on the table now and losing customers long term. The good news? Not all eCommerce updates are labor-intensive. Here are two simple ways B2B businesses can update their sites to increase online orders.

Update Product Information

Keeping product information up to date is vital for increasing customer confidence and streamlining the path to purchase. Yet 59% of buyers said that their biggest challenge when researching purchases for their business was understanding product specifications and configurations. Be sure your best selling items have accurate product information and provide visuals wherever possible to help buyers make a selection.

Open All Channels for Ordering

If your business hasn’t launched a digital portal yet, you can still bring in orders through your site. Allow customer service representatives to process orders during calls, and remove phone order fees for the short term. Allow salespeople to enter orders in new ways, and let your team create orders manually if necessary. If a customer wants to order from you, they should be able to do so any way they choose to contact your business.

Ready for the next step?

Going digital doesn’t have to take months. In fact, the Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start gets your B2B portal live in five weeks, driving digital revenue faster and helping businesses keep up with customer expectations. Contact the team to launch your B2B portal and see measurable results within a quarter.

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