Top Takeaways from Dreamforce 2022

This year’s Dreamforce event was one to remember as it was rightfully titled, “The Great Reunion.” After two years of being remote, everyone was itching to experience the newest innovations in person.

Salesforce didn’t disappoint and announced the launch of Salesforce Genie along with integrations from Quip, and WhatsApp. Keynote speakers and demos from the experts showed the easy transition that these platforms can make to a world where businesses can work efficiently in real-time and create the best customer experience.


Salesforce Genie

The biggest buzz from Dreamforce 2022 was the announcement of Salesforce Genie, the first-ever real-time CRM. It’s a new innovation powering real-time highly personalized customer experiences.

Currently a business will use about 976 separate applications to run their data. Genie’s purpose is to centralize current and historical data from any stream you can think of. It runs on Flow, Einstein, and Hyperforce as its foundational components helping save more work hours, make predictions in real-time and keep customer’s data as private and secure as possible. Salesforce seeks to completely reinvent efficiency when it comes to building online experiences at scale and Genie is doing just that.

Genie unifies the Sales Cloud experience. Sales teams can receive data in real-time that allows them to quickly receive guidance and recommendations as to how to close the deal with their customer. Problems are being solved before a customer even knows they exist.

Customer activity is crucial knowledge for a marketing team to have and with Marketing Cloud Genie, you can now track that activity in real-time. Abandoned carts can be tracked to target that customer with personalized ads, increasing their likelihood to go back and purchase the product. And when marketing efforts are skewed on one platform versus another, businesses know instantly and can make the changes needed to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their campaigns.

Genie is changing the game for businesses and the customer experience with a data platform that is updated every millisecond. It ensures that organizations never miss a beat when anticipating what their customers need and keeping all of the data in a central spot to ensure the use of Customer 360’s full capabilities.


Slack Canvases and Huddles

With companies moving to remote or hybrid workspaces, the need for connection is imminent. Technology is rapidly changing to fit the needs of an online world and Salesforce has integrated Quip into Slack channels to bridge that gap. They have added canvas boards alongside each channel to allow more efficient collaboration – and users can now take action on Salesforce without leaving Slack.

Plus, canvasses can now be shared in a separate channel or in a direct message. These canvases are a central point of knowledge for any company account that can hold a plethora of knowledge ranging from the internal team to the integration of any recording system.

From canvas you can imbed a workflow and run them from there, making the overall process of completing tasks easier. Anytime an integrated system has an update, it gets sent into the channel for the employees on the account to see and react to.

Now with huddles, they can discuss these updates and alerts on a video chat. This makes communication easier and helps to mirror office space interactions. You can share multiple screens at a time, draw on the screen to make the huddle more interactive, and create a collaborative canvas within the chat. Once the huddle is done, the thread of conversation is posted to the canvas page.

The integration with Quip shows to be especially effective in connecting colleagues within an organization and their accounts so that a customer’s experience doesn’t get diminished by an online office.


WhatsApp Partnership with Salesforce

Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp will be integrating with Customer 360. The new integration will direct customers to a chat room that will improve customer-business relations and deliver more efficient marketing efforts and campaigns. It will be compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and quickly answer the questions that customers are asking in a chatroom, mimicking the real-life interactions you would get at a store.

With the addition of Salesforce Genie to Customer 360, this data will come in real-time and target customers on social media platforms with ads leading to WhatsApp chats that keep customers engaged and increase sales.

Our recent data study found that 41% of B2B buyers feel their suppliers aren’t evolving fast enough, leaving them with an inconvenient or inefficient digital experience. Online shopping is more about convenience than anything and with this integration; customers don’t have to sacrifice quality of purchase to get products when they need them.

Want to learn more about the latest Salesforce innovations and how Salesforce can improve the customer experience across your organization? Get in touch with our team of certified Salesforce experts here.

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