Top 4 Spring 2020 Release Features for B2B Businesses

Salesforce’s Spring 2020 release went live on February 17, spanning across marketing, mobile, Trailhead, content management, AI, and more. The full release notes include hundreds of updates to existing and newly introduced features. Ensuring you’re up to speed on the latest features empowers you to deliver 5 star experiences across every touchpoint in your customer’s journey. Check out the top 4 features for B2B businesses from the spring release below.

Task-Queue Assignments

Task-queue assignments simplify task management and team collaboration. Users can now assign a task to any queue. Members of that queue can take ownership of the task and complete it, leading to more efficient project management and faster turnaround on task completion. 

Pardot Snippets Enhancements

Pardot Snippets were announced in October 2019 to streamline monotonous tasks by allowing marketers to use the same snip of text across multiple assets in a single campaign. In the Spring 2020 launch, users can leverage snippets across assets and business units regardless of the associated campaign.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

Salesforce Content Management System launched in November 2019 as a hybrid CMS designed to simplify content management across channels and devices. Spring 2020 enhancements enable users to reuse content across channels both inside and outside Salesforce, including Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. (To learn more about selecting an ECMS, check out our webinar here.)

Account-Based Forecasting in Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud delivers a suite of tools to synchronize the front and back offices to adapt to customer demands – which, according to the 2019 B2B Manufacturer Buyer Report, has never been more important, considering 88% of those surveyed said they’d switch to a competitor if digital channels can’t keep up. Use the new account -based forecasting enhancements in manufacturing cloud to create and develop advanced custom metrics to ensure your forecasts accurately reflect your business. To see our article on how manufacturing cloud can work for your business, check out our blog here.

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