Top 3 Product Announcements from Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce 2019 brought nearly 200,000 Trailblazers to San Francisco for keynotes, demos, and Fleetwood Mac. With thousands of sessions attracting attention, it can be easy to forget about advancements in product offerings that will transform Salesforce user experience going forward. Keep these three announcements in mind as you define your digital strategy for 2020.

Einstein AI and Data Manager will empower users to achieve Customer 360.

Partial or inaccurate data is an insurmountable roadblock on the path to creating 5 Star Customer Experiences. Without a deep understanding of a customer’s needs, wants, and expectations, businesses are shooting blindly, hoping to deliver a message that resonates by chance. Salesforce unveiled Customer 360 Data Manager this week at Dreamforce, connecting Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud into one data account. Creating data channels that connect departments empowers sales, marketing, and service to deliver better experiences at every touchpoint. Learn more about Customer 360 Truth here.

Voice enhancements let CRM users update data on the go.

New CRM voice integrations allow sales and service team members to update records using voice, capturing more data and creating a more accurate view of the relationship with the customer. Leveraging this data is as easy as asking “What accounts need my attention today” or “How is my email campaign performing?” Read a full summary of new voice capabilities here.

Trailhead Training goes mobile.

Salesforce’s first ever mobile app, Trailhead Go, will transform wasted time into learning opportunities. Badges take as little as 15 minutes to earn, meaning Trailblazers will be able to complete over 700 larger modules in small, easy-to-tackle steps. Plus, badge sharing capabilities in iOS and iPadOS mean your social channels can showcase your newly refined skills.

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