Top 3 New Features for Salesforce B2B Commerce Spring ’22 Release

At Avionos, we say that there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Salesforce release upgrades, but we only look forward to one of them. Each Salesforce release brings plenty of new features to the platform, but the Spring ’22 release doubles down on improvements to the B2B/B2B2C product for both storefront users and administrators.

The Avionos team has pored over the release notes for the Spring 2022 release to identify the features that we’re most excited about for our clients. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top three features of the Spring ’22 release for B2B Commerce:

Expanded Promotions for B2B 

The Winter ’22 Salesforce release introduced promotions to the platform. The Spring ’22 release expands the promotion capabilities of the platform:

  • Coupons: A highly sought-after feature from our clients, Spring ’22 introduces the ability to create coupons for your storefront that can be applied to an order. Customers can also stack up to two coupons on a single cart. Stacking coupons is a long-requested feature going back to the managed package version of B2B Commerce.
  • New Discount Types: Administrators can now create fixed discounts for promotions on a product or category level. Previously, only percentage discounts were possible.
  • Order Summary Promotions Component: This new component allows for customers to view all the promotions and the amount saved per promotion in one single view.

Streamlined Product Import and Creation

Importing product data into B2B has always been a complex process with many objects, fields, and relationships to define during the data load. The Spring ’22 release delivers functionality to help improve the data load and product creation flow:

  • Import Products at Storefront Level: Now companies with multiple storefronts on their org can load products for one specific storefront instead of globally like in previous editions.
  • Add Product Workflow: Gone are the days of navigating through multiple windows to manually create products, product entitlements, and pricing! Storefront administrators can now manually complete all three on one screen.

Improved Search Experience

Digital transformation practice lead Mousumi Behari covered the importance of site searchability in her webinar “Tactical Transformation: Planning for Your Digital Future” – and now better search is easier for B2B Commerce sites. Search is greatly expanded in Spring ’22; with the introduction of increased search limits, storefront customers will now be able to browse catalogs and find products much more easily than before:

  • More Searchable Values: Administrators can now configure up to 70 searchable values per storefront across filters, sorting options, and searchable fields

When Does the Spring ’22 Release Launch? 

The Spring ’22 release is set to hit sandboxes starting on January 7th, with the Production roll-out planned from January 15th – February 12th (your release will depend on your instance of Salesforce). For more information on when your instance is getting the release, click here.

If you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it, feel free to reach out to continue the discussion. The Avionos team is always available to guide you down the path of your Salesforce journey!

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