Top 10 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Migrate Your Classic B2B Storefront to Lightning

Nearly 90% of businesses are hindered by outdated tech stacks. If your business is focused on building better digital experiences – and committed to continuously evolving – consistent technology upgrades should be on your to-do list. And, if you’re currently using a Classic B2B storefront, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to Lightning.

Upgrading to Salesforce Lightning can bring many benefits to your organization. Below are the top ten pros to making the switch. 

Increase in website performance and scalability

Spring ’23 includes a new storefront template that utilizes the Lightning Web Runtime framework. Using this new template allows developers more flexibility in creating custom components, reduces technical debt as all components must be Lightning Web Components (LWCs) and the biggest benefit is that pages render much faster than in the AURA template.  

Improve customer experience with intuitive navigation and shopping cart features 

Easily configure shopping cart and navigation without having to modify object data model like you do in Classic. The AURA LB2B template offers a checkout using Flows while the new LWR template has the checkout process as modular LWC components that are configurable within Experience Builder.

Increase product visibility with advanced search and filtering options

Gone are the days of creating Specs and Spec Values to drive filtering options. Now, any field on the Product object can be used as a filter. The system can even dynamically choose which filters to display based on their relevance to the listed products.

Streamline order management with faster checkout and payment processing

Due to the core data model being utilized, it’s much easier to integrate tools like OMS and payment processors so your service reps can modify and place orders for your customers on the fly.  

Increase customer engagement with personalized product recommendations

Increasing personalization across marketing efforts is a top five priority for B2B buyers. With the new LWR template, related products can be shown on the product detail page with very little effort. 

Enhance customer communication with automated messages and notifications

Experience Cloud applications like LB2B can take advantage of Salesforce flows which allows an administrator to declaratively create complex processes without creating a single line of code. 

Increase data security with improved security protocols and encryption

LWR template includes the use of modern encryption algorithms such as AES-256, Argon2, and SHA-256 to protect data-in-transit and data-at-rest. Additionally, the use of HTTPS ensures that the connection between the client and server is secure and encrypted. 

Salesforce also provides robust access control mechanisms such as OAuth tokens, session management, and data leakage prevention. These features ensure that only authorized users can access and manipulate data within the system.

Integrate with Salesforce’s suite of business solutions for a more comprehensive platform

Lightning B2B utilizes the core Salesforce data model making it easier to integrate with additional Salesforce clouds to create a complete view of your customer. By using the standard products, pricing and order objects, screens and reports in CRM/Service can pull data directly from these objects to give a true 360-degree view of the customer.

Enjoy support and enhancements

Classic B2B Commerce continues to be supported but is no longer receiving enhancements. All of Salesforce’s enhancement efforts are being focused on LB2B. You can view the full list of produce and feature retirements here

Access the newest features, tools, and updates available on the B2B Salesforce platform

Unlike Classic, Salesforce B2B follows the same release schedule as core Salesforce and is automatically applied to your environment. This means you no longer have to download another managed package to your org just to get the newest commerce features.    

Avionos has recently updated our Lightning Upgrade Assessment framework to account for the latest and greatest Spring ’23 Release. And we’re ready to help you deploy this Framework for a seamless, cost-effective upgrade. To learn more about how Avionos can help, click here

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