Three Easy Ways to Improve Digital Experiences

Oftentimes businesses want to create a better digital experience for customers, but don’t know where to start. It involves research, strategic planning and of course the right resources to get you there. The changes will likely impact the entire organization, how teams support each other, and how customers engage with the business. The process of improvement can seem daunting, but, in reality, minor changes can have a major impact on businesses’ bottom line. Here are three easy ways for companies to improve B2B digital experiences:  

Supply the right information.

When making large purchase decisions, having access to information is not only helpful, it’s necessary. Yet over half of B2B buyers say that a lack of product information makes it difficult compare products. Companies should strive to provide buyers with detailed product specs, imagery, application and other relevant information that helps businesses feel confident in purchasing the item. Information should be clear, easily found, and displayed intuitively. If the buyer has to search for information for an extended period of time, it could result in the loss of a sale.  

Have a strong website, but supplement it with salespeople.

Ecommerce is essential for B2B buyers. Our survey found that 88% would turn to a competitor if a company’s digital channels could not keep up. While being online is important, providing an experience personalized to the buyer is what sets businesses apart. The easiest way to provide a one-on-one experience is to keep salespeople involved. A simple call or chat keeps buyers engaged and helps them to make a confident purchasing decision. Knowledgeable sales representatives can take their knowledge of the product and use it to explain how it benefits specific companies or industries. Products are not one-size-fits-all.  

Integrate your online and offline presences.

Company websites should serve as a constant accessible source of information for buyers.  Your salespeople become your customer success managers. B2B buyers want help throughout their journey. While getting answers are helpful, they want continuous input. The relationship buyers hope to build are not merely transaction-based, they are strategic. In our 2020 B2B Report, 61% of respondents said they would like salespeople to provide them with information about new products or services. When B2B buyers know they have a relationship with someone they can trust and someone who knows their business, they’ll be able to make purchase decisions confidently.   Our team of digital strategy masterminds can help your company define its digital roadmap! You can check out our service offerings here.

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