The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2 2020 – Monolithic is a Bad Word

The results of this year’s Q2 2020 Forrest Wave: B2B Commerce Suites should come as no surprise: Salesforce and Adobe lead the pack and businesses demand simplicity. This struck a note with me. About two iterations of the Avionos sales decks ago, we used to lead with, “There’s the old way with long timelines, singular focus, and slow results, and then there’s our way. We prioritize outcomes like unlocking revenue, boosting operational efficiency, driving customer engagement, and transforming customer experiences.” We don’t lead with that anymore because it’s a given. Today more than ever, B2B businesses cannot and will not use technology that bogs them down, slows results, and makes their lives harder. Of course, we agree with Forrester. It’s why we primarily work with Adobe and Salesforce. We provide our clients with leading technology because it works.  
  • B2B businesses need easy, pain-free integration capabilities with real-time updates. Batch processing or manual refreshes are challenges of the past.
  • B2B businesses demand the best solution for their vertical specific requirements. OMS, DAM, PIM, personalization, pricing tools – you name it. They do not want, nor do they have to accept, forcing square pegs in round holes. Providers have to give them the options – first or third-party.
  • B2B businesses do not want painful upgrades that take a ton of time and resources. SaaS is the name of the game. Their businesses are changing at the speed of light and their platforms have to keep up.
  • B2B buyers deserve a good user experience, just like consumers.
Importance of Partners We are tech agnostic. We will enable our clients with the technology that best solves their business challenges. Many times, that means we’ll leverage our deep partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce. As an Adobe Gold Partner, we could agree more with Forrester:  “Adobe is well positioned for broad reach with the combined forces of its sales teams and partner ecosystem.” Given our rich history with Salesforce B2B Commerce (previously CloudCraze), we understand just how important it is for Salesforce to “offer its clients an unparalleled ecosystem of apps and advocates (“Trailblazers”) for innovating omnichannel experiences with low-code agility.” We’re excited to see Forrester’s latest research because it reaffirms our stance on the market, our commitment to our partners, and excitement to enable our clients with the industries best-in-breed technology.  
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