The Biggest Risk to Your eCommerce Schedule may be You.

When looking to undertake efforts to upgrade or re-platform their eCommerce site, many companies identify the obvious risks like software or system integrators. But one area they often overlook is the risk that they themselves pose to the schedule and development costs.

For example, many times the schedule is based on timely responses to the system integrator. Does the client have a person who can manage this turnaround? Have they identified who is needed for these responses? Do those people know what the expectation is for providing their feedback?

Additionally, there will need to be some development done by the client’s personnel as part of this effort. Has this work been identified? What is the schedule for completing this work? What are the predecessors and dependencies for this work? What other projects need to put on hold in order to free up needed resources?

It is not hard to for clients to identify these risks and plan for them. Doing so will allow for all internal parties, many who are just on the periphery of the project, to understand their roles and responsibilities on this effort. Furthermore, this will allow for development of a realistic schedule and a understanding of the entire set of project risks.

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