The Benefits of an Integrated Commerce Experience

We often hear clients tell us their customers want it to be easier to do business with them online. Improving digital offerings is crucial- in our 2020 B2B Report, 88% of B2B buyers said they would turn to a competitor if their suppliers’ digital channels couldn’t keep up. Having the right platform and knowing how to use it effectively for your business can make all the difference.  

 Your customer platform should be simple and easy to use. Beyond having a pleasant commerce experience, businesses should also follow up with exceptional service after the purchase journey has been completed. This includes self-service options like order history and shipment tracking, as well as streamlined interactions with customer service representatives. Salesforce B2B Commerce is widely customizable to suit your business’ needs. Your business can design a layout that’s best suited to meet your needs and operate most effectively. 

The entire digital experience encapsulates many different touchpoints, but there are a few basic areas that customers want improved: access to product information and training, accessing transaction history and resolving product and ordering issues. Optimizing these areas can make both you and your customer more efficient, leading to higher customer satisfaction and decreased time-to-purchase. Salesforce makes it easy to deliver on each of these key customer needs. 

Access to Product Information and Training 

Using Salesforce Service, your company can build a platform that provides access to user guides, tips, tutorials and even promotional materials. Digital assets can vary in content type including text-based pages, graphics and videos. The assets are supported by Salesforce CMS and can be grouped by creating CMS Collections on your desired webpage. You can customize it to look both consistent with your brand and also easy to understand.  

Accessing Transaction History 

Of course, no two customers are the same. When your clients want more personalized information, such as order history, B2B Commerce enables them to  easily access that record. Salesforce allows you to organize order information and display the sections that are most relevant to your customers. You can choose what they see and how they can interact with it.  

Resolving Product and Ordering Issues 

One major advantage to having an integrated platform is the ability for customers to add issue cases within the order. This immediately adds the issue to the customer service queue which saves them the hassle and time associated with having to call the company. Instead, they can create a case in under a minute by logging into their account and connecting the case to the appropriate order. They can pick the case category and give a brief overview of what the issue is. This also gives the customer service representative a holistic view of all the relevant customer and product information to increase efficiency and save time. 

Not sure how all these pieces can connect for your business? Unsure if your Salesforce clouds are working together as well as they should? To get a more in-depth perspective, watch Craig Traxler, co-founder and principal, give a demonstration on self-service in integrated B2B Commerce. If you want to take your eCommerce platform to the next level, connect with us and see why we’re Salesforce Silver Partners.  

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