Salesforce Connections: Choose Your Own Adventure

If you’re familiar with Salesforce, then you know that you can do anything marketing, commerce, or services-related on the platform. It truly does present a “Choose Your Own Adventure” opportunity for companies of all sizes and industries. Of course, defining your digital evolution starts with strategy, but from there, you have endless opportunities to leverage Salesforce to excite your customers. It’s one of the reasons Salesforce Connections’ presence and attendance has grown so much so quickly, making it a must-see event each summer. Salesforce Connections is its own choose your own adventure: attendees can piece together sessions, booth meetings, and networking to create experiences as unique as the solutions they’re hoping to implement. Salesforce users are excited to learn how they can use the tool better, which integrations they need to incorporate, and how to manage complex requirements – all in an effort to offer 5 Star Experiences to their customers. You can learn more about Avionos’ 5 Star methodology in this report or by stopping by our Booth #16 during the event. We asked our leaders in Commerce, Marketing and Sales & Service Enablement to share some of the best sessions Connections has to offer with us. Here’s what they said:  


Monday: 2pm:  Einstein Analytics: AI-powered Analytics for Smarter Customer Engagement 2pm:  Win, Close, Retain Customer with a Complete CRM Solution 3pm:  How Salesforce Uses Service Cloud to Deliver World-Class Customer Support 3pm:  Lessons Learned for Simplifying Channel Sales Tuesday: 8am:  Einstein AI: Make Employees More Productive and Customers Happier 10am:  Become a Trailblazer: Build a Single View of your Customer 12pm:  The Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services 12pm:  Give Trends Shaping the Future of Sales 2pm:  Employer Your Customers with Self Service Communities 3pm:  Transforming Customer Engagement Across Every Touchpoint 3pm:  Salesforce on Salesforce: Building Marketing and Sales Alignment 4pm:  Salesforce Service Cloud Roadmap Wednesday: 9am:  Drive Smarter Customer Engagement with Einstein 11am:  How I Built This: Unlock a new sales channel with B2B Commerce and Sales Cloud 11am:  A Single Customer view Across Commerce, Service, and Marketing: Customer 360  


Monday: June 17th 2-2:20: How Pardot Transformed our Website into a Lead Generation Machine 2-2:40: Einstein Analytics: AI-powered Analytics for Smarter Customer Engagement 3-3:40: Demystifying Journey Strategy: 5 Steps to Transform for Journey Success 3-3:40: Pardots Product Roadmap: The Future of B2B Marketing and Beyond 3:30-3:50: How I Built this: Drive Online Revenue with B2B Commerce and Pardot 5-5:20: B2B Beware: Your Commerce and Marketing Needs Are More Complex Than Consumers’ 5-5:20: Create a Data Driven Culture with Datorama Marketing Intelligence 6-6:40: Scaling Global Measurement and Insight with Marketing Intelligence   Tuesday: June 18th 8-8:40: B2B Marketing on the World’s #1 CRM 9-9:20: 6 Steps to an Aligned & Agile Marketing Team 9:30-9:50: Pardot for Financial Services: Relationship Marketing on the World’s #1 CRM 11-11:40: Connect Experience on Commerce, Marketing & Service with Customer 360 11-11:40: The Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services 2-2:40: Successful ABM Starts with Being Account-First 2-2:40: The Evolution of Marketing Analytics and the Foundation for AI 3:30-3:50: B2B Nature and Nurture: Data-Driven Customer Acquisition and Re-engagement   Wednesday: June 19th 9-9:40: 9 Ways B2B Marketers are Using Artificial Intelligence in 2019 9-9:40: 7 Ways Financial Services Marketers can Lead Digital Transformation 10-10:40: Beyond the Buzzword: What AI Means for Customer Lifecycle Marketing 11-11:40: Salesforce on Salesforce – Intelligent B2B Marketing Analytics with Datorama 12:30-12:50: Solve Your Abandonment Issues – 3 Tis for Abandoned Carts 1-1:20: Deliver Integrated Experiences Across Commerce, Marketing & Service  


Monday, June 17: 2:00 – 2:20PM – Customer 360 to Integrate Service and Commerce Tuesday, June 18: 11:45AM – 12:25PM: B2B Commerce Growth Strategies: The Consumerization of B2B Commerce 12:30 – 12:50PM: How I Built This: Lower Support Costs with B2B Commerce and Service Cloud 4:00 – 4:40PM – The B2B Commerce Partner Ecosystem   Stop by Booth 16 to learn how Avionos helps our clients see 50% more revenue by simplifying the path to purchase with Salesforce.

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