Reflecting on One Year at Avionos with the 2021 College Class

Avionos loves our employees, and they seem to love us back. We’ve been  named the 15th best workplace in Chicago according to Fortune Magazine, a certified Great Place to Work, and were Crain’s Chicago Business’ Third Best Place to Work in 2021

As we approach the one year anniversary of our 2021 college class joining and get ready to welcome the 2022 college hires, we had our now-veteran 2021 hires reflect on their first year here at Avionos. Zach Bachmann, Emily Kamleh, Will Meldrum, Nicolle Naylor, and Sarah Wojick discussed why they chose Avionos, their favorite parts of their job, advice, and much more. Read on below.


What made you want to work at Avionos?


Will: The people. Plain and simple. Everyone involved in the interview process was wonderful to speak with and established a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone seemed very genuine, which encouraged me to relax and be myself. I’m happy to say that after one year with Avionos, the people continue to be what make it such a great place to work.

Emily: The biggest thing that made me want to work at Avionos, aside from the learning opportunities, was hearing about the company culture. A good environment to learn, grow, and work is something that I personally value, so that was a big reason.


What’s your favorite part about working for Avionos?


Sarah: My favorite parts about working at Avionos are the flexibility as well as the ability to challenge yourself. There is opportunity to grow at Avionos and they provide you with everything you need to succeed. 

Nicolle: The people I work with are very supportive and honestly just enjoyable to be around. 

Will: The people and the culture. Avionos is supportive of its employees and encourages everyone to be their full, authentic selves, while championing work-life balance through things like summer hours every Friday, generous PTO, and company functions like the holiday and anniversary parties.


What is one thing you learned after your first year at Avionos?


Sarah: Graduating from college and beginning my first job, there was a lot to learn especially within the tech industry as a whole. I learned that you need to leverage the people around you to help you grow. Also, as a female in the workforce, you need to recognize your value to the company and stand up for yourself.

Emily: One thing I’ve learned after my first year at Avionos is that it’s okay to not know everything. You should be striving to learn as much as you can, but it’s okay for you to need to ask for help sometimes, especially early on in your career. Ask as many questions as you need and as early as possible, since you’re still new. It’s better to not know something early on rather than not knowing it 10 years into a job.

Will: You get out of it what you put in. This applies to so much in life, but at Avionos it is especially true. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone if you’re willing to take the initiative and put in the work. 


What advice would you give to a college graduate looking for a job?


Zach: Don’t stop searching until you find a place that is right for you.

Emily: Something that I think a lot of people, especially early in their careers, do is look at the requirements of a job and think “I don’t fit all of this” so they don’t even give it a shot. If it’s something you’re interested in, go for it anyway. You never know how things might turn out.

Nicolle: Focus more on the company than the actual role. Being in a good work environment is far more important, and once hired at a company that is supportive of your career you can transition into a role that fits your interests. 

Sarah: When looking for a job, think about your values and make sure a company you choose aligns with them. Be yourself in interviews!


What’s the coolest opportunity you’ve been given at Avionos?


Nicolle: I got to have a lot of exposure to different roles very quickly. This has allowed me to figure out what I’m most interested in. 

Zach: Being able to work on million dollar projects.

Sarah: I am grateful enough to have been given the opportunity to transition to a new position within Avionos. This speaks to how the leadership team and Avionos values me and my career. The ability to try a new role allows me to gain exposure and new skill sets.

Emily: I think the coolest opportunity I’ve been given, or that I’ve volunteered for, is being able to work on the Atlas components for Avionos. This is a library of reusable components that Avionos will be able to use on any upcoming Atlas projects, and the thought that some work that I have done here will last for a very long time is an exciting one.


Where do you see yourself in a year?


Will: I see myself working as a Senior Consultant, providing greater value to my team and clients through increased knowledge and experience with the platforms we service, and establishing myself as a subject matter expert.

Emily: I think if there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that no matter what plans you have, you should always be open to the fact that life doesn’t always follow the script. You can have everything completely planned out, and no matter where you think you will see yourself in any given period of time, it most likely won’t end up that way. I hope to see myself being more accepting of that in a year.

Sarah: In a year, I see myself excelling in Managed Services as a CSM and being promoted for my hard work and determination. I am excited to join this growing team and make a name for myself in the delivery side.  

Whether it’s learning to find your voice as a female in technology or realizing your impact on million-dollar projects for Fortune 1000 companies, your first year is sure to have its share of lessons. But we believe learning is part of the job and have built an environment to support you in all aspects of your career. Want to join the A-Team and work with people like the 2021 college class? Apply here.

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