Q&A with Client Executive Rock Star Drew Wilson

At the heart of Avionos is a culture infused with innovation, teamwork, and community. How do we sustain it? Our greatest assets, of course! Our people.

We get it. It’s tough to read some descriptive words on a website about a culture and really understand what brings that culture to life. So, instead of telling you how Avionos truly embodies our key values — Win Together, Ownership, Speak the Truth, Achieve Unexpected Outcomes, and Take Informed Action — we will show you.

Meet Drew Wilson.

Drew Wilson is one of our absolute rock star client executives. He is a go-to right hand man, who like many of us, have had many career experiences before Avionos. Curious what it’s really like to work for a company like us? We asked Drew to give us his inside scoop.


Why did you decide to move from a large established technology organization to a firm of less than 50 people like Avionos?

Most of my experience has been with smaller consulting firms. And, after being with a few larger companies with totally different cultures and reporting structures, I really determined that I enjoy working in a smaller firm. Avionos, and similar companies, provide a strong sense of culture, teamwork and a keen focus on growth both at an organization level and also by each individual.

Opportunities are everywhere! What about this particular opportunity excited you?

The opportunity to work with a group of dedicated and talented people that all want to see Avionos grow year-over-year. Being part of an organization with 30 people initially and helping the it grow to 100+ or 200+ is an exciting place to be. You see the impact you make every day.


What did you connect with that you felt would drive your success?

The Avionos approach to selling integrated digital services was a key driver to coming to Avionos. Because our our team works across strategy, integrated marketing, experience management, commerce, and sales & service enablement instead of in silos, we are able to help our clients see around corners and build new capabilities to be successful in a more and more competitive digital marketplace.


You’ve been at Avionos for a while now. Since joining, how have your expectations been realized?

Since joining, I completely feel like my expectations have been realized. Contributing to the growth of Avionos over the last two years through sales and overall service delivery is why I came to here. I love continuing to help grow and expand our client relationships and the services we offer. I know that I’ll be able to do that over the next several years. It’s exactly the place I want to be – selling great services then seeing them through for our clients every day.


What opportunities do you see for this year and next?

In 2019 the big opportunities for us are really centered around integrated digital capabilities and helping our customers sell, service, market and manage their digital presence in both a transactional and non-transactional (marketing) way. I think more customers will be looking for experience-driven commerce capabilities as well as looking for ways to further leverage data to make decisions in their digital efforts.


Give us your thoughts! What do you think about the growth of Avionos and impact for people coming in?

Even though we have doubled in size over the last year, I still think there is plenty of opportunity for new team members to come in and have an immediate impact on our growth and success. I also think we have a culture where new team members can take initiative and contribute across a variety of different efforts, whether it’s helping with sales, assisting with practice development efforts, giving input for recruiting efforts, or even spearheading new team committees.


What do you think makes Avionos successful as a client partner? Why are we a trusted advisor?

One of our biggest strengths at Avionos is that we take a business consulting approach to delivering digital solutions for our clients. We’re not just about technology and not just about creative experiences. We focus on working with our clients to deliver solutions that help them meet or exceed their business goals. This usually involves changes centered around People, Process and Technology that enable clients to really manage and optimize their digital programs.

Our other key strength centers around flexibility as our goal is to define the right services and deliveries that meet the client’s specific needs and situation. Sometimes that might mean working alongside other third-party consultants/agencies to deliver a solution. Other times that means adapting our services to create joint working teams with client team members to ensure that they are building the right knowledge and skills to become self-sufficient within the timeframes they define.

Still have questions? Reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you and discuss a few of our open roles.

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