Powering B2B Through Innovative eCommerce Solutions

More and more organizations are adding eCommerce to their Customer Engagement channels. In fact, 89% of directors and executives at B2B organizations say that more than half of their revenue growth over the next five years will be attributed to their eCommerce program*. Fortune 500 and mid-market companies alike are feeling the pressure to respond with digital engagement that provides simple, online capabilities including eCommerce.

 An added challenge for mid-market companies is that although customers expect the same level of service from an organization no matter what its size, mid-market companies must meet those demands without the budgets and resources required to cobble together independent solutions.

Mid-market companies need to continue to resist the proliferation of platforms within the organization that create duplicate customer data, drive integration costs, and require an entirely different set of infrastructure when they seek to add a commerce channel in the mix.

For companies that have standardized on Salesforce for their customer engagement platform, there is an opportunity to use CloudCraze to add eCommerce while not increasing the number of platforms they need to support, since CloudCraze is built natively on Salesforce and leverages the same Customer Data that already exists on the Salesforce platform.

Avionos looks for ways to help mid-market companies to punch above their weight. We developed unique capabilities that combine Salesforce expertise with unrivaled industry knowledge of CloudCraze and the eCommerce domain. We created a specialized approach that speeds the time to value through Rapid Innovation. We coupled this approach with functional enhancements to CloudCraze unique our skill set that is right sized for the mid-market and delivered in as little as three months.

Interested in learning more? Check out ElevateB2B, our industry solution leveraging pre-integrated technologies from CloudCraze and Salesforce, or contact us to discuss how we can help transform your organization.

*Respondents are director-level and above in software, CPG and manufacturing companies. Download the full report, powered by CloudCraze.

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