Outcomes-Focused Analysis: Q&A With Jeffrey Kim

Operating as an effective business is impossible without an analyst. Business analysts help to digest data and identify opportunities for improvement in the future. They are the catalysts that resolve and prevent any problems that block the business from operating at optimal efficiency. At Avionos, we gather data and use it to improve our clients’ digital strategies and provide insights that make the customer experience better. After all,  73% of online shoppers are likely to avoid brands and retailers after a single negative experience – which means every interaction along the customer journey matters. We asked Jeffrey Kim, one of our Business Analysts here at Avionos, about his experience on the A-Team and how it has helped advance his career. It’s because of dedicated business analysts like Jeffrey that we’ve achieved both Adobe Silver Partner Status and Salesforce Silver Partner Status in just a few short years.

Why did you want to work as a business analyst?

I’ve always been interested in understanding how businesses use technology as a tool to achieve their operational and business goals. Being a business analyst has allowed me to understand how different clients operate and then facilitate discussions to output requirements that help break down business objectives into actionable technical tasks for our development team to build off of.

What made you want to join the A-Team at Avionos?

The outcome-focused mindset of the Avionos team strongly resonated with my desire to help clients in a meaningful way. Sometimes in consulting, it is easy to have tunnel vision on getting a project done. I’ve found it incredibly valuable to be able to take a step back and have meaningful conversations with the client stakeholders about the actual business outcomes that the project was intended for and if we’re still on track to achieve those. At the end of the day, the work that we are implementing for our clients should directly result in their success.

How has Avionos helped you progress in your career?

Avionos is built on the smart and dedicated team members who have encouraged me to challenge myself and learn at every opportunity. I have been fortunate to be entrusted to take on larger amounts of responsibilities and truly own project deliverables. In addition, I have gained a deeper understanding of the project lifecycle and work closely with different functional team members that I wasn’t able to get at previous experiences in larger consulting firms.

What does a typical day in your job look like?

After checking my emails and Teams notifications for any important updates, I’ll have a few quick daily check-ins with my different project teams to share our tasks for the day and any blockers. Afterwards, I may have some meetings with clients to better understand their requirements and changes to our project scope. I’ll update the tickets on Jira accordingly and work with our technical team to ensure that the tickets are ready to be added to our next sprint. Depending on the phase of a project, I may be preparing for discovery sessions with clients or triaging defects with the client from testing.

What’s one of the most interesting things you’ve learned through your job?

One of the most exciting things about being in consulting is being able to work with different clients in a range of different industries. I am grateful to have gained an incredible amount of exposure to the realities and priorities of companies in a range of different fields in short period of time.

What is a common piece of advice you give to clients?

A common reminder that I give clients is to remember what the business objective is or user experience that we are trying to achieve. There are times when we have been stuck on the technical details and solutioning that cause the requirements to be unnecessarily complex. Being able to understand the root of the goal has often led to simpler solutions, saving a large amount of time and money.

If you could describe Avionos in one word, what would it be?

Dedicated.   If you’d like to be a part of the A-Team, check out our current openings.

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