Marketing Automation: A Day in the Life with Eric Stolzmann

Figuring out client solutions is often like solving a puzzle: it takes trial and error, a vision of a bigger picture, and attention to detail in order to successfully put the pieces together. These key skills are essential to Avionos employees during our current period of high growth, and marketing automation consultants embody each in their day-to-day work. Marketing automation consultants work with project development teams and analysts; ensure smooth, on-time, on-budget delivery of services to clients; and provide ongoing guidance to support integrated marketing activities and existing client relationships. Changing customer needs and the introduction of new technology create the opportunity for continuous learning. Interested in learning more? Meet Eric Stolzmann, an Avionos senior business analyst and marketing automation expert. While the day-to-day schedule for the position may vary widely, the goal — solving problems for clients quickly and effectively — remains the same. Read on for insights from Eric on making career strides, his favorite projects, and why he chose to join the #ATeam.  

Why did you want to work in marketing automation?

I recognized that there were so many organizations with great products or stories but just the worst marketing, and helping them correct this is just a lot of fun.

What made you want to join the A-Team at Avionos?

I was very interested in staying with a smaller growing company where I could make an impact, and was very impressed with the leadership’s buy-in to the mission and culture.

How has Avionos helped you progress in your career?

Avionos employs a great mix of subject matter experts that are always willing to take 30 minutes with me to review a concept or teach me something new to expand my capabilities.

What projects have you enjoyed most over the course of your career?

Limited sample size at Avionos since I recently joined the team, but in a previous job I worked with a company that was running their Customer Service group in Outlook and paper, and over the course of several years and projects we launched a fully automated self service portal that completely transformed their business.

What excites you about the future of your field?

The increased awareness by organizations that they need help to objectively review their organizational processes and transform their business, and being positioned to step in and help them with that transformation.

What does a typical day in your job look like?

That is the great part about this job/career is there really is no typical day. What I like to do is take the morning to do some research to keep up with trends and what’s new (Yay for train ride from Milwaukee). Then answer some emails and dig into whatever project needs my attention at the time, if it’s a good day this is creating some process flows…and finally jumping into meetings to either learn more about a client or project or to communicate updates and next steps.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Don’t worry about system capabilities or limitations (this will come as you work with the system experts), be genuinely interested in your client’s business and never be afraid to ask a question…some of the best information I get from a client comes from me playing (or being) dumb and having the client walk me through the answer.   If you think you have what it takes to be a world-class marketing automation specialist, you can apply here

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