Looking for a B2B Commerce Search Solution?

Many of our clients share the same concerns: “Our customers seem lost. Instead of making a purchase on our site, they leave because they have to spend too much time trying to figure out how to navigate it. Visitors and prospective buyers want more product information in order to get to a purchase decision. Why is it so difficult to re-order and send to multiple ship-to locations? Why isn’t our supplier site generating the revenue we expected?” These are the comments and questions that Avionos has heard time and time again when we look to help our customers simplify the online B2B buying process. So why has it been so painful for suppliers to address these issues? It’s because B2B commerce is more complex than B2C eCommerce and their buyers expect more out their experience. The buying process should adapt to customers’ needs, provide them with the tools they expect and solve the problems they have when it comes to completing their purchase. Before you start trying to solve all of these issues at once, you should ask yourself, “What is the number one capability that our customers want?” Oftentimes, the answer is better search and product merchandising combined with a targeted eCommerce experience that makes their buying process easier and more efficient. The solution to simplify that process is a combination of Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Solution and Bloomreach’s Search & Merchandising (brSM) capabilities. The implementation and integration of these two platforms allow suppliers to provide their customers with the improvements and tools to make more informed decisions, more quickly. The features and functionality of the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform allow suppliers like you to manage details such as multiple storefronts, customer data, web product, web pricing, promotions, cart, subscriptions, etc., while the enhanced Search & Merchandising tool from Bloomreach (brSM) can optimize your customers’ buying behavior with intelligent insights into their journeys and preferences. The integration of these two platforms gives you with the tools they need to provide each customer with a relevant and unique shopping experience that they want when buying online. Research has shown 77% of B2B buyers more products online for their companies in the past year.  So what better way to become an industry leader than to combine two solutions that understand the complexity of B2B commerce and answer the call for better online experiences? This blend of technologies addresses the gap many B2B eCommerce platforms lack when it comes to searchability of products, product promotion, order repeatability and overall site scalability. Salesforce B2B Commerce & brSM can provide the personalized experience B2B buyers now expect when buying online.  

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