Key Benefits of Migrating from Adobe DTM to Launch

In January 2021, Adobe will officially replace Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) with the new and improved Adobe Launch platform. In the run-up to fully sunsetting DTM, users will no longer be able to edit tags starting in just six months — July 2020. But don’t wait until then to migrate. Waiting until the end of the year could lead to loss of insights, inaccessible data, and inefficient tag management. Starting to migrate early gives users the most time to plan effective digital strategy and leverage a new and improved platform.   Wondering how Launch can transform your data governance practices? In her latest webinar, Avionos Integrated Marketing Practice Lead Mary Koberstein outlines a few key improvements:  

Increased platform performance and efficiency. 

Fast tag deployment with different build libraries and environment leads to better scalability and control over publishing. Asynchronous implementation allows Adobe Launch to speed up site performance. Plus, Launch is 33% lighter than DTM, which means that just by migrating to Launch code snippets, page performance and page speed are improved.  

Community of developers. 

With a global community of developers consistently providing new, ready-to-use extensions, the value of the Launch platform skyrockets. Open innovation means instead of creating custom code, there’s a huge community of extensions or apps in the launch environment available at your disposal.  

Enterprise publishing. 

Bundling rules, data elements, and extensions means easier publishing and content control. This allows for multiple builds and multiple developers to work in one area of launch at the same time without overwriting each other. Enterprises can also implement approval process to ensure compliance to governance and process, as well as publishing rollback to move back to previous versions of the tool or environment when needed. 

Platform agnostic. 

Using a platform-agnostic tool gives users scale and control across web and mobile environments. This means long-term scalability and improved customer experience, as users will engage with content seamlessly regardless of platform. 

Streamlined user experience.  

The Launch user interface is upgraded and easy to use, offering intuitive rule building and management. This means less time spent on tag management, and more time on data analysis.  Delaying migration from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch doesn’t just delay access to the benefits above; it jeopardizes valuable legacy data, especially after properties become read-only. Ready to migrate? Integrated Marketing Practice Lead Mary Koberstein outlines how to switch to Launch in three steps. View the webinar here or contact us to learn more 

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