January 2020: Pardot Updates & New Features

The first Pardot release of the year is officially live, with updates rolling out between now and January 17. One of six scheduled releases in 2020, the latest updates include improved personalization capabilities and Einstein Analytics powering engagement studio paths. As marketers aim to hit the ground running in the new year, don’t overlook these four key Pardot capabilities:  

Customize Prospect Resubscribe  

Pardot admins can now customize the resubscribe messaging on Pardot forms under the Resubscribe tab on the form editor. This functionality is applicable on a per-form basis or across multiple forms. Make sure that your Pardot org has Handlebars Merge Language (HML) enabled to use this functionality. 

Personalize Pardot Landing Pages & Forms  

In a previous release, Pardot switched to HML in emails and email templates. Now, HML is available for landing pages and forms to further customize content with merge fields. While this change applies to all Pardot editions, the functionality is only available for Pardot accounts with HML enabled. 

Updated Einstein Behavior Scores  

Pardot Advanced Edition users will now be able to use Einstein Behavior Scoring as a criteria in Engagement Studio and automation tools, allowing marketers to target the right audiences more effectively. Leveraging Einstein Behavior Scoring will show which prospects are exhibiting the strongest buying signals, empowering marketers to deliver timely messages to close deals. Behavior Scoring is also now available on all prospects in Pardot with activity in the past year, even if they’re not syncing to Salesforce.  

Using Snippets More Effectively  

If managing marketing assets across departments is making it difficult to keep content consistent, Business Snippets can ensure all outreach leverages the same language. Scheduled for release in spring, these snippets will allow admins to easily add boilerplate content like address or company logo to forms, templates, and landing pages.   Looking to better leverage Pardot to drive new revenue, but not sure where to start? Avionos is a Salesforce Silver Partner with experience driving measurable outcomes for our clients. Learn more here.

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