ITA Spotlight: Avionos

Scott Webb, recently announced President of Avionos, was featured in this week’s ITA Spotlight.

Scott talks about creating a culture, creating a brand, and his goals for Avionos. Scott brings up issues in the market, what sets Avionos apart from competition, and our outcomes based approach to professional services.

When asked what problem Avionos solves and how we differentiate from the competition, Scott replied:

What we’re seeing today is that many organizations realize the importance of digital customer enablement, but lack the maturity to engage with their customers in a meaningful way. Traditional management of the customer relationship has been split between distinct groups with separate goals, metrics, and tools. Today customers won’t accept that. They expect a relevant experience which requires companies to understand their customers better and break down the internal silos that prevented them from acting on that understanding. What makes Avionos stand out from our competitors is that we understand the connected nature of the experience. We provide solutions that span marketing, sales, and CRM through an iterative, nimble approach that is focused on delivering real business outcomes, not just technology.

Scott is returning to Chicago after 13 years on the West Coast. He began his career in the Midwest, and is well aware of the tough competition for talent in Chicago. “The competition for talent is intense with both a vibrant start-up scene and established industry.”

Avionos is excited to have Scott join our team, and equally excited for him to guide our continued growth in 2016.

Read the full piece here.

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