Introduction to B2B eCommerce Strategy Summer Series

Series overview

  • Avionos uses a process-driven methodology named Align2Elevate to create practical eCommerce strategies aligned to growth outcomes for B2B manufacturers and distributors.
  • Each week of the series will provide guidance for how B2B manufacturers and distributors can apply the Align2Elevate methodology to increase the likelihood of success for eCommerce.
  • Examples of B2B manufacturers and distributors achieving success will be provided with links to specific sites and supporting content.

Series content

Many B2B organizations have not fully embraced digital solutions to produce business outcomes or recognized that digital is a new front door to the business.  Common questions include “Where do we start?”, “How do we know a digital channel is going to be successful?”, and “What can we expect digital to deliver to our business and to our customers?”.

This summer, Avionos delivers a series diving into the Align2Elevate methodology we use to create eCommerce strategies in collaboration with our B2B clients. Starting with a vision of where you want to go and why, we will progress through creating a map for how to achieve your vision and a detailed plan for what to do and when to act.

The latter part of the series will provide additional details for branded manufacturers, distributors, and consumer packaged goods companies. Examples of companies achieving success, supporting content, and recommended strategy books will be provided throughout the series.

  1. Introduction to B2B eCommerce Strategy Summer Series (week of 7/10)
  2. Where to go and why (week of 7/17)
  3. How to get there (week of 7/24)
  4. What to do and when (week of 7/31)
  5. B2B eCommerce strategy for branded manufacturers (week of 8/7)
  6. B2B eCommerce strategy for distributors (week of 8/14)
  7. B2B eCommerce strategy for CPG (week of 8/21)
  8. Conclusion of B2B eCommerce Strategy Summer Series (week of 8/28)

About Avionos

The Avionos vision includes enabling commerce in the cloud for every B2B business, making enablement and operation of online commerce easier and with more predictable and better outcomes. Our team provides leadership in eCommerce strategy, platform implementation, and digital channel operations; and Avionos partners with leading cloud vendors such as Salesforce, Adobe, CloudCraze, Acquia, CommerceTools, and others to deliver meaningful business results.

Contact Avionos today to schedule a discussion regarding B2B eCommerce strategy. We want to learn about your business needs and share how Avionos can help you grow your online channel.

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