How Managed Services Can Improve Your Digital Experience

Buying behaviors have changed drastically over the past few years – and even months. Buyers have consolidated their interests in working online, increasing the need for businesses to integrate digital into their strategies. 

As buyers move to online processes, they begin to expect more efficient streamlined experiences; however, that isn’t what they are receiving. B2B buyers’ top priority is increasing efficiency in their processes. 97% of online buyers state they are experiencing some sort of pain point during the eCommerce purchasing process as a result of supplier’s tech solutions. 

Buyers want to work with companies that make the entire buyer journey seamless. Our 2022 B2B Report found that 94% of buyers agree their company prefers to work with suppliers that continuously evolve their digital capabilities. With errors and frustrations piling up as businesses try to keep up with demands, companies need to invest in an external provider. With the help of managed services, external pressures and internal stressors can both be resolved. 

Having a consistently functional website and prioritizing continuous optimization is what will elevate your digital experiences. But, rising buyer expectations are being met with shrinking resources. 

Investing in infrastructure to drive digital is expensive and complex; however, investing in a managed service provider (MSP) saves you the time and money upfront due to an investment in a team of experts that can manage complicated technology platforms. They also can help lower internal costs, boost IT effectiveness, and enhance site uptime. 


What are IT support services? 

Ever wonder how organizations keep their digital channels in top shape? It all comes down to prioritization and utilizing resources effectively. Through IT support, setup, installation, configuration, maintenance, and optimization of one’s technology is now feasible. 

MSPs help your company to be more proactive rather than reactive as technology hiccups arise. Assistance with disaster recovery and backup plans allows for both B2C and B2B organizations to manage possible roadblocks in their strategic plans. 


How do I find the best Managed Service Provider (MSP)? 

When it comes to managing a digital presence, everyone can benefit from working with a managed service provider (MSP). The real question is: who should you partner with? 

To find the best outsourcing company for internal support you need to look at the MSP’s approach to the following

Competitive pricing

Selecting an MSP means looking at a variety of different payment structures. Pay attention to the details and timelines of payments to gain a deeper understanding of what your company will be charged when services are rendered. 


Find a MSP that puts effort into truly understanding your business and prioritizing your needs. Having a strong relationship with your MSP can truly make or break your results.

Internal Structure/Team Organization

Know how the MSP will work with you. Build a better understanding of how they build relationships and deliver. 

Will you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager? Will you have dedicated technical resources? Do you have a project lead you can check in with? Get to know how this potential partner works from an internal perspective. 

Quality of Work

Are they reputable? Are they capable of handling the work that your company requires? Gain insight by scrolling through their client testimonials and case studies, as well as their content, to create a better understanding of their work capability but also their thought leadership and expertise. 


It’s important to find a partner that can be reached in times of crisis. Discuss availability and what the anticipated response time is for a critical issue with your potential outsourcing company. 


Find out if your potential service’s model is rigid or flexible in nature. Knowing if the MSP’s hours will be divided into projects or allocated as needed based on high priority tasks is crucial to know before investing. More flexibility means more time and money saved. 


How Can Managed Services Help My Business? 

Due to digital evolution, many customers both in B2C and B2B markets are opting to shop online. Our managed services team can help keep your digital assets up to date so your customers continue to have stand-out shopping experiences. 

In the low-traffic time periods, you may look for opportunities to increase revenue through mediums such as integrated marketing. Our team can help with those needs as well by providing strategic insights, planning, and implementation support. 

Avionos Managed Services understands the nature of our clients’ businesses and their unique needs. We offer burst support and flexible hours during times of high demand when technical function is most critical. Additionally, our Managed Services team will stay by your side to offer input and suggestions of ways to improve your customers’ digital experience. 

Our team works with your company’s unique business cycle to provide additional support across digital channels when needed. Learn more about Avionos Managed Services here. 

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