How does Datorama help marketing teams?

When Salesforce acquired Datorama back in 2018, it aimed to get ahead of the competition in an increasingly crowded AI and analytics space. But Salesforce has maintained its original reporting capabilities in Discover Reporting until announcing the platform’s April 2022 retirement. Customers that have been using Discover Reporting face the daunting task of recreating their reports in Datorama, but don’t worry: migrating to the new tool means increased visibility into data insights. Here, Marketing Automation Domain Lead Eric Stolzman outlines why Datorama reports are more useful to marketing teams, plus a few tips to getting started.


Why Should B2B Marketers Care About Data Analytics?

In short, data helps businesses know their customers and their interests better. Collecting data allows companies to track what topics or content various customers are interacting with, allowing them to showcase more relevant information in the future. Analyzing that data closely also helps with sales enablement down the line as sales teams can identify highly qualified leads based on the customer data. Then, in their conversations, the sales team can narrow in on what matters and omit what doesn’t.


What is Datorama?

Datorama is a Marketing Intelligence tool for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows marketing teams to collect and organize needed information about their customers and the campaigns they are running. Datorama Reports enable Salesforce Marketing Cloud users to analyze email and journey data to understand the impact of marketing efforts across the customer lifecycle.


Why is Salesforce retiring Discover Reporting in favor of Datorama?

Long story short: Datorama is easier to use, gives deeper insights into marketing efficacy, and works seamlessly with other technologies within the Salesforce ecosystem. Datorama expands the reach of marketing teams by aligning data analytics to business KPIs, leading to clearer ROI analysis for marketing efforts. Every marketer wants the ability to easily make the case for the impact their efforts have on the business. This helps solve that challenge.


How does Datorama help marketing teams?

Single Source of Truth: Datorama reports provide a single source of truth for all marketing related data. It integrates with marketing and advertising platforms, customer relationship management platforms, and ecommerce technologies to unite data and report accurately across the customer lifecycle.
Built-In AI: Out-of-the-box dashboards and custom reports provide in-depth analysis of marketing efficacy.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Share reports and dashboards with other business users to encourage collaboration and multi departmental alignment.

How do I get started with Datorama reports?

Before you dive into the world of Datorama reports, be sure to take advantage of Salesforce’s extensive training programs for this technology. Their Trailhead program has introductory courses for Datorama that include an overview of analytics, security best practices, and reporting to help you make the transition seamlessly.

Need a helping hand as you transition old Discover Reports to Datorama? Want to make sure you’re getting the full ROI out of your technology stack? You can connect with domain lead Eric Stoltzman on LinkedIn to chat about all things Datorama, marketing automation, and Salesforce.

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