Go Cubs Go! Avionos Open House – THIS FRIDAY!

Have you heard? This Friday, at the Avionos headquarters, Chicago Cubs Assistant General Manager Shiraz Rehman will share stories on how the once “Lovable Losers” ended the longest MLB championship drought. November 2 seems like just yesterday, with the drought now a thing of the past for die-hard Cubs fans. But fans also remember the many years when the team struggled each year to rid the organization of the curse. Things took a turn for the better for our Chicago Cubs when a new management team came onboard and began to rethink their approach to the game – from player skills to marketing to mindset and attitude. In just a few short years, the team became true competitors in the nation’s favorite pastime, culminating in a drought-ending 2016 World Series Championship. Join Avionos as we welcome Shiraz Rehman as he answers questions like, “How did the Cubs accomplish what they did?” “How can you apply those same principles to your brand?” Interested? Register here!

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