Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… In Tech Careers

Woods, Elle. A name that most women, (and men – even though they don’t want to admit it), have grown to associate with the pink hurricane topped with blonde hair who defied all odds to attend Harvard Law School in an attempt to get her ex-boyfriend back, but really just showed us all how to stick it to the status quo. Yes, I’m talking about Elle Woods, the fictional character from Legally Blonde. You might laugh, but I have a point – I promise. The iconic character, played by Reese Witherspoon, faced discrimination and doubt head on to fuel her pursuit of happiness. We can all take a page or two from Ms. Woods, especially those of us who are women fighting to make a name for ourselves in the male-dominated tech industry. Being a woman in this industry does have its advantages – being a woman who can code or a woman with digital marketing prowess can lead to a lot of open doors for our careers. But why is the technology industry still lacking a strong female presence? Here at Avionos, we are building a team that gets women a seat at the table to serve as voices of influence and leadership. We have been able to bring fresh and different perspectives that the team may have lacked before each of us came on board. In doing so, Avionos has set a communal goal to empower women like us in technology. Over the next few weeks, the Avionos team has committed to supporting the #womenintech movement. Follow along on the blog, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to learn more about different organizations supporting women in technology, learn about our own team of women, and more. We can’t wait to share this project with you!

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