From the Flight Deck with Sal Sorice

At Avionos, we believe every team member is valuable to our company and our clients’ success. That belief is the cornerstone of our award-winning culture and shapes each interaction we have both internally and externally. In fact, “winning together” is one of our core values, because we believe that “we” is greater than “me.”  

Meet one of the members of the #ATeam, Sal Sorice. Sal is an Application Development Group Manager and an integral part of our team. He’s worked at Avionos for two and a half years. We asked Sal to share what his experience has been like. Read his answers below!  

  • Why did you want to work for Avionos? 

For me, there were quite a few things that drew me to Avionos. When I first came in to meet the team during the interview process, everyone felt more connected than I had experienced anywhere else. It felt like everyone was on the same page as far as goals and objectives, and everyone treated each other as if they were a family rather than just colleagues or coworkers. Another huge selling point for me was being able to work on interesting and exciting projects with technologies I was unfamiliar with at the time but have since grown to become very knowledgeable.  

  • What has your experience been like? 

My experience at Avionos has been great! I think everyone here just continues to meet and exceed the expectations I had set for them on that first introduction during the interview process. People are willing to hear and act on feedback, constructive criticism, and opportunities to improve themselves or the company.  

  • What do you love about your job? 

More than anything else, having a voice that is heard is something that is extremely important to me. Before Avionos, I worked at a larger service organization where things were just done the way they were because the process was already defined and there was little to no opportunities for individuals to impact any change, and as someone who was noticing ways to help improve projects, myself, processes and team members that was quite frustrating.  

  • What do you think the future of Avionos looks like? 

For me, I think much the same as today, just bigger, better, faster, more efficient, and continuing to provide excellent services to our clients and customers! 

  • What are you most proud of during your time here? 

It’s hard to pick any one thing. I tend to like “showing off” some of my work to friends and family, and most of them aren’t totally sure what I do – which makes it great that we build customer facing applications where I can just pull up any of the projects I have worked on and walk someone through what I built and the value and benefit that brought to our customer! 

  • What would you say to someone looking to work at Avionos? 

Avionos is a Best Place to Work (we’ve even got the awards to show for it) and I look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with many new people with interesting, diverse, and exciting backgrounds to help shape the future of the company! 

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