From Implementation to Maintenance: The Evolution of a Project

Transitioning a technology project to ongoing maintenance can be tough. Information can be lost, people can miss out and those setbacks can derail the progress made. Time spent on process adoption and new user education can lead to inefficiency and ultimately lost revenue. When it comes to technology, it can be beneficial to keep its maintenance within the same team of experts. It takes a streamlined process from project planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance to ensure that even small details are taken care of. 

Efficient transfer from implementation to maintenance can’t happen without effective training. Empower your people to work the right way in order to make the most of your new technology. With new process and policies, it’s important that internal teams understand how to use the tool and begin working in the new way; without employee adoption, your ROI inevitably decreases.

Start with the right communication and training strategy. Global training classes with your implementation team unite new users in a common understanding of tool capabilities and the importance of adoption. Make sure to ask questions, cover important new data governance, and follow up with teams after training in order to address any remaining confusion. 

But training and user adoption takes time, and new technological competencies take time to build. When you partner with Avionos, you have an entire team of experts dedicated to creating a platform – and our expertise doesn’t end with the implementation team. At the beginning of every Avionos Operate managed services relationship, the Avionos implementation team conducts a thorough knowledge transfer to ensure all teams are up to speed on technical design and also any high priority items that need immediate attention. During these sessions the Avionos delivery team provides relevant business context to the Avionos Operate team to ensure that they have all necessary information to continue to provide insights and helpful recommendations to the client. By handling this strategic information session between Avionos teams, our clients receive seamless support from implementation to ongoing maintenance. 

When you use our Avionos Operate service, you’re getting the same company with the same processes, which allows for a seamless transition from team to team. Our teams can easily access all legacy documentation from your project history and know who to contact from your Avionos delivery team if there are further questions. Our company also uses the same tooling and systems to manage our work. All employees of Avionos follow the same foundational operating process so the client team only needs to switch their communications to their new Customer Success Manager who will serve as the main point of contact for the ongoing managed services. 

Ongoing maintenance of technology can be a headache for clients’ internal teams to manage. You can ease the burden by signing on with Avionos Operate managed services. To date, we’ve achieved a 100 percent success rate of filling client SLAs, delivered 3x the ticket during website launch due to our flex team model, and established an average issue fix time of ten hours from start to finish. Get started here.

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Yana Vaysman

Yana Vaysman has over 20 years of experience leading project and product management teams through large-scale transformation initiatives. She has strong domain expertise in commerce focusing both on B2B and mobile experience and has a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth coupled with unparalleled customer relationship building. She works across a variety of industries including manufacturing and distribution, retail, travel and hospitality and mobile platforms.
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