Four Digital Upgrades to Transform your Newly-Remote Business

Fast-changing customer demands have transformed the way businesses conduct themselves, driving digital transformation at unprecedented speeds. As many companies enter their second month of remote operations, it’s time to evaluate what went well in the shift to digital, and where businesses can address pain points for employees and customers alike. In our weekly coffee chats Avionos’ practice leads have outlined actionable tasks for businesses to deliver 5 Star Experiences during market uncertainty. Follow the steps below to improve your customer experiences across all your platforms. Need help? The A Team is here for you.

  1.  Empower your workforce to adapt quickly.
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    • In the digital workforce, we all want to feel connected and drive value. Now that employees have adjusted to working at home full-time, it’s important to evaluate where you can adjust to encourage greater collaboration and connection among your employees. Strategy Practice Lead Mousumi Behari advises that businesses start with evaluating their technology and communication tools. While Zoom or WebEx may already feel second nature, other tools like OneDrive, Sharepoint, MS Project, or JIRA can streamline operations and increase productivity while at home. Make sure your company culture is still at the forefront by sharing fun photos, scheduling online happy hours, or blocking time for check-in calls with your team. Finally, don’t let your day-to-day structure slide as stay-at-home orders are extended. Continue to set realistic productivity goals and share them with your team to ensure transparency.
  2. Streamline digital experiences to get customers what they need.
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    • Providing timely and accurate information to your customers is always important, but it’s crucial in a time of heightened uncertainty. If you haven’t already done so, Experience Management Practice Lead Paul Michelotti advises putting any COVID-specific information on the homepage with simple, unambiguous language. If you’re being flooded with customer questions, create a landing page with clear answers to common questions. And you can minimize high call volumes and extended wait times by leveraging online forms where customers can request assistance online for follow-up later.
  3. Prioritize and Transform with the 3 Rs
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    • Integrated Marketing Practice Lead Mary Koberstein knows the power of analytics-driven prioritization for businesses. Leveraging the 3 R’s is vital to prioritize digital investments and transform teams. Start by reacting to the market by focusing on things you can control, including communication with your customers. Assess how effective your content strategy has proven since stay-at-home orders were enacted by reviewing SEO performance metrics, click throughs, return visitors, bounces, and page engagement. Leverage these insights to rally your teams with analytics. Identify conversion ‘happy paths’ for engagement fallout analysis and insights. Finally, recharge your organization and prepare for the new normal. Let data drive your future decision making for rapid testing and optimization.
  4. Make Small eCommerce Investments to Meet Customer Demand.
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    • If your business is struggling to meet customer demand, it may be time to reevaluate your eCommerce offering. John Brumbaugh, Sr. Director of Commerce, suggests starting by ensuring your product information is accurate and up to date to minimize the amount of time potential clients spend researching your products before purchase. Provide shipping date information and updates where possible to keep customers informed and minimize confusion. Finally, if you don’t have a formal eCommerce portal, open all channels for ordering by encouraging customer service reps, field technicians, and salespeople to take orders over the phone. If they can’t keep up with orders, it’s probably time to stand up an online storefront – and you can do so in as little as five weeks.

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