Driving Loyalty Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Three Simple Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Given the number of CPG brands and retailers, consumers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the shopping experience. With more competition and declining customer loyalty, brands are working harder than ever to differentiate their products and win over their customer base.

Due to software and available tools, a deeper level of differentiation was more difficult to achieve in the past. Content software was limited to specific features or suited for select industries, and commerce engines were only optimized to display product catalogs and manage transactions, but neither tool considered how marketing could help drive the sale through a unique experience.

Now, new platforms are emerging and traditional platforms are pivoting to the cloud to enable additional interactions. With these shifts, we’re seeing a divide in traditional technologies and the barrier between sales and marketing break down. Brands can more rapidly innovate and personalize each customer’s experience and enable transactions no matter the channel.

We call this evolution Experience-Driven Commerce.

How can marketers spend more time differentiating the brand instead of waiting on IT to manage and implement updates?

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