Dreamforce 2016: What We’re Looking Forward To

It’s that time of year again – countless organizations from across the world are headed to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2016! Avionos will be in attendance along with over 130,000 other registrants making it the largest software conference in the world to discuss all things Salesforce. Here are some key things that the Avionos staff is looking forward to:

Salesforce Einstein

In a move that in no way is coincidental, Salesforce unveiled Einstein just hours before Oracle’s OpenWorld conference. Einstein promises to bring machine learning to the masses.

We’re excited to see how Salesforce Einstein can enable sales teams via lead scoring and AI-enhanced customer segmentation. Salesforce has made a big push in acquiring numerous AI startups – most notably the purchase of RelateIQ for $390 Million in July of 2014 – and has built out quite a strong team of data scientists to make Einstein a reality.

We’re especially excited to hear about Salesforce adding machine-learning functionality to their product offerings because of our experience in the space. Throughout 2016 we’ve been working closely with IBM Chef Watson, a similar AI platform, for one of our clients, Bear Naked Custom Granola.

When users of bearnakedcustom.com select their ingredients for their custom granola, they’re being given suggestions by IBM Chef Watson, which sifts through 1,000’s of online recipes to determine unique combinations of ingredients to help customers expand their palate.

Einstein is slated to be available across all seven of Salesforce product offerings. At Avionos, we’re looking forward to hearing about the predictive analytics and integration into CRM to help us enable our clients to better market and sell to their customers.

Commerce Cloud

Having already written about the Commerce Cloud, we’re looking forward to seeing how Salesforce markets their new offering during Dreamforce. We’re expecting Salesforce to discuss how the Commerce Cloud will enable B2C companies to better sell to their customers along with discussing their vision for the future of the Commerce Cloud. Salesforce has shown their focus for the Commerce Cloud in the B2C market, leaving partners like CloudCraze filling the gap for B2B Salesforce users.

Again, this is particularly interesting given our experience in eCommerce. In the past year, we’ve helped a number of clients sell to their customers online via a Salesforce-based eCommerce engine. Our eCommerce experience has matured throughout the year. We’re now seeing more and more of our clients showing interest in moving forward with a commerce engine that utilizes their existing Salesforce environment. With the addition of the Commerce Cloud, along with utilizing our current partners, we’re looking forward to increasing our presence as an industry leader in the eCommerce space.


We’re excited to see you at Dreamforce! Avionos will have a full team attending Dreamforce this year. We have an event scheduled Tuesday night (10/4) at MaSo in the Park. It’s a free networking event with complimentary drinks and appetizers for you and your team to meet our team of Salesforce experts to discuss industry trends. We also have a private meeting room you can book to chat with our executive leadership about how Avionos can transform your business to be truly customer-centric.

Dreamforce never fails to deliver. Whether it’s the Cloud Expo, Marc Benioff’s keynote, or U2, we’re expecting Dreamforce to be an event that will bring us closer to our clients.

See you in San Francisco!

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