Digital Innovation & Commerce Event Recap

On Wednesday, August 31 Avionos wrapped up the summer with a bang by hosting a networking event on the Terrace of the Peninsula Hotel. Alongside our partners at CloudCraze we welcomed eCommerce, Sales, Marketing, and IT leaders throughout the manufacturing industry, engaging a diverse range of perspectives.

Leading off the conversation was Justin King, founder of, who offered insight on how domestic manufacturing and B2B companies can think beyond the customer portal. He explained that trends influenced by leadership from European channels offers a glimpse into the future of American industry.

Next, Kellogg’s Director of Innovation & Design Michael Bumgarner shared how large companies like his are adapting to change. His innovation team is trying to bring an agile approach to the cereal and snack food powerhouse. As customers demand higher levels of service and quality, expect disruption, and respond to social media initiatives, Kellogg’s has to adapt.

Avionos Principal Craig Traxler explained how Avionos & CloudCraze enabled the Bear Naked Granola brand to lead in the CPG space. They went from idea to their first custom granola transaction in less than 6 months. This includes setting up custom production, meeting FDA guidelines, site design, and standing up an eCommerce platform.   

As consumer demand trends towards mobile, self-service, and customization, Bear Naked Granola emerged as a leader by claiming a huge victory through an innovative, iterative, intuitive direct to consumer initiative. Their leaders had a vision of approaching the same old CPG marketplace from a more customized and personalized perspective.

Kellogg’s innovation team is inspired by Bear Naked’s success. They believe Kellogg’s can bring that sort of forward thinking into their other brands. They’ve enlisted the help of Avionos, Bear Naked’s customization and implementation partner, as well as CloudCraze, their eCommerce platform.

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