Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Workfront

Unifying work across any boundaries, Adobe Workfront is a powerful tool for managing work. Whether you are designing new products, creating campaigns, or collaborating on digital content, Workfront is there to make sure your work is coordinated across your organization. Let’s dive into Adobe Workfront and see why it is the optimal work management service.


What is Adobe Workfront? 

Adobe Workfront is a work management tool that helps users strategically plan, prioritize, and manage their team’s work. Centralized work allows upper management to set clear priorities, allocate budget to strategic goals, and experience boundless collaboration across divisions. 

Adobe’s independent research found that 49% of US workers say they’re likely to leave their current job if they’re unhappy or frustrated with technology at work. In today’s pandemic environment in which companies are deciding if in person, remote, or a hybrid combination is more effective, Adobe Workfront is there to help you seamlessly manage work that takes place in different settings. 


What kind of businesses can benefit from using Adobe Workfront? 

Any business that is looking to simplify multiteam collaboration can benefit from Adobe Workfront. With recent changes in where employees are choosing to work, the time is now to act on improving your productivity tools. Businesses across different industries, Under Armor to T-Mobile, University of Virginia to Home Depot, have benefitted from Adobe Workfront. Adobe Workfront improves the experiences of employees and clients, leading to mutual benefits for everyone who uses Workfront. 


How can Adobe Workfront help me manage remote workers? 

Workfront helps managers strategically plan and prioritize teamwork across departments, geographies and business units. Its multiple product lines allow businesses to customize their technology to their unique needs.

Start with setting up a strategy to align all departments with a unified vision for the future. Adobe Workfront Goals helps you determine what you need to accomplish, measure your KPIs, and deliver measurable outcomes across your organization. 19% of employees say the most important competitive differentiator for employees is a strong vision for the company’s future. Aligning your goals with the right strategy will increase employee investment in the company.

Scenario Planner, on the other hand, helps you plan ahead for a variety of scenarios, then choose the plan that best fits your path forward. Using data optimization, Scenario Planner puts confidence behind every decision. 

Workfront Fusion brings together technology and business to allow free data integration across systems and teams. Connecting to other business-critical technologies (like those listed below) increases productivity, extends your visibility, and reduces costs.


 How does Workfront integrate with other Adobe solutions?

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Allowing you to work within your creative zone by eliminating interruptions such as navigating between windows, Creative Cloud keeps creatives in their flow state. Your creative team can upload its assets directly from Creative Cloud to Workfront, giving mangers greater insight into the project progress. After review, add comments and updates to Workfront tasks to make collaboration smooth. Workfront will be your go-to to manage feedback and make approvals, eliminating the hassle of scrolling through email threads.
  • Adobe Experience Manager: AEM connects with Workfront to make your team’s production lifecycle more efficient. Experience greater creation of impactful content by bringing your processes into one platform. Team members can quickly provide feedback, minimizing back-and-forth during review. Having complete visibility into the lifecycle of work through Workfront for AEM leads to better governance of work.
  • Google Products: Similarly to Creative Cloud, users can create new Google docs, slides, and sheets directly in Workfront, without wasting time switching tabs. Organize your projects with Google Drive files and set tasks to the appropriate group, leading to greater understanding of what should be prioritized to drive the goals of the project.
  • Microsoft Products: Workfront integrates entirely across the Microsoft suite, which includes OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams, allowing teams to work seamlessly between documents and applications. Using Teams, users can keep up with updates without missing a chat. 


Why Workfront? 

Employees want a better digital experience and managers want to see better results. Using Adobe Workfront, businesses now have the digital capability to provide their employees with a seamless experience that promotes collaborations that are not bound by any department, project or geographic location. The increase in productivity reduces time spent on projects, minimizes operational losses, and streamlines management through improved analytics and priority settings.  68% of surveyed employees strongly agreed that businesses must become more comfortable with change to thrive in the post-pandemic era. Using Workfront demonstrates to your employees that your organization is agile, ready to adapt to any changes thrown your way. No matter the situation, you can drive results and remain successful.

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