Avionos Success Story: Adobe Campaign Certification

At Avionos, we recognize the efforts of our talented team when they achieve a career milestone. Our Consultant, Marty Idziak recently passed the Adobe Campaign Certification Exam. Marty is now only one of 59 Campaign experts certified by Adobe. We recently sat down with Marty to discuss the process of preparing for the exam, what passing means for Avionos, and what it means for Marty’s career:

What was the experience like? I went through Adobe’s online training modules to prepare for the cert and also leveraged use of Campaign itself during our last client project. I also had deep experience with Campaign from roles in my recent past prior to Avionos which was very helpful with navigating the exam. What was the biggest challenge? The biggest challenged was that even though the exam was multiple choice, the questions were fairly detailed with a lot of real world scenarios. Some questions had multiple answers, so you really have to hone in on all possible options for each question asked. What does this certification do for Avionos? Currently there are only 59 campaign experts certified by Adobe in the United States, myself included, so this puts Avionos in some exclusive company within our industry. Only a select number of firms out there can boast to have a certified Adobe professional on staff and Avionos is now one of them. More and more clients are asking for certified professionals on project work because it gives them more peace of mind that we will deliver exceptionally if engaged on a project. How does this impact your career? As I mentioned previously when speaking about the benefits to Avionos, it has similar benefits to me personally. This is now my fourth professional certification. This helps me “walk the walk” professionally because I am growing and expanding my skill-set. This certification means a lot to me personally, because the email marketing and marketing automation space has been a passion of mine for a while. I want to be considered a thought leader and expert within the Digital Marketing industry.

Congrats to Marty! We look forward to him becoming an industry thought leader along with showcasing to the public the accomplishments and success stories of other team members at Avionos.

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