Avionos Featured Partner for Partner Profile Series

Avionos was the focus point of Acquia’s newest Partner Profile. Dan Neiweem, principal of Avionos and responsible for the Acquia partnership, spoke with Acquia to showcase what we do and how we’re successful. When asked about our areas of expertise, Dan spoke to our services surrounding eCommerce, CMS, and CRM: Our team consists of veterans in the digital space who have experience delivering large-scale customer engagement solutions. Through experience, we realized delivering these large-scale solutions is not the best way to drive value for our customers. That’s why we created Avionos; we wanted to focus on driving outcomes with decreased time to value. Through a nimble and iterative approach we’ve seen solutions that:

  • Have launched online experiences 3x faster at ¼ the cost of traditional software
  • Achieved ROI in as little as 6 months
  • Run in the cloud and are fully integrated with existing platforms

Acquia and Avionos partnership has strengthened throughout the year. Recently, Avionos was named the 2016 Acquia Partner of the Year. We’re excited to see our continued success through our partnership with Acquia. With the combined strengths of Avionos and Acquia, we can deliver the positive outcomes that our customers are looking for. Link to full article below: Acquia Partner Profile

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