Avionos Expands Its Technical Acumen With the Hiring of Todd Mitchell as a Platform Architect

It’s with a tremendous amount of excitement I get to announce the hiring of Todd Mitchell as a platform architect at Avionos. I got the chance to sit down with Todd and ask him a few questions about why he chose Avionos, what he wants to accomplish, what his interests are outside of work, and why Iron Maiden rules! Your Salesforce experience is in high demand. Why did you choose over some of the more well-known partners in the ecosystem? I have known Marshall Tweed for a long time and I had worked with Craig Traxler in the past, so that is how I knew about Avionos. I was looking to move on from my old consulting job, but I still wanted the advantages of working at home and doing cool work. Avionos allowed me to continue doing that plus I think it will allow me to continue to grow my skills in Salesforce and expand those skills into other areas. Also, when I met other people at Avionos, in addition to Marshall and Craig, I seemed to have a connection with all of them at some level. So, I felt comfortable that I would fit in. Of course, it helps if the guy recruiting me is an Iron Maiden fan. You’ve had a very successful career to this point.  What are you most excited about working on at Avionos? I have been doing web development for over 15 years and Salesforce architect work for over 3 years now. I like learning the new technologies as they become available and applying them to a project. I am excited that Avionos will give me the opportunity to continue to do that, learn other technologies that the company is focusing on, and apply them to create cool solutions for our clients. I hope to continue to do that at Avionos in addition to learning the other technologies the company is focusing on. Life is more than just work.  What are some hobbies outside of work you enjoy? I mentioned Iron Maiden, so I am a big music fan. I try to get to concerts when I can and am always listening to something when I go for a walk every day. I play guitar badly. I read a lot. I have 2 teenage boys who keep me busy with their activities (sports and music). Lastly, my wife and I like to travel and have been all over Europe.

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