Avionos Co-Founder and Principal Dan Neiweem On What Makes Avionos Tick in the COVID Era

Dan Neiweem, Co-Founder and Principal of Avionos, joined Scott Kitun on the Technori Podcast to tell listeners how Avionos fits into the marketspace carved by COVID-19.  

So, what distinguishes Avionos from the crowd? The answer is easy: its unique business model. Unlike other consulting firms, Avionos delivers solutions to clients in weeks, not months. 

The Model 

“If we really are the best at what we do, we should be able to get our customer to market, and then start telling them, using data, what really is going to move the needle,” says Dan. “We tell our customers: ‘we’ll be there with you for the 18 months.’” Avionos will get a customer’s site up and running but won’t stop there. Instead, the team continuously implements ongoing operational improvements, ongoing integrated marketing help and any other next steps. Avionos ties together the implementation with the operating aspects.    

Customers don’t want to pay for pontification anymore. They’re focusing in on ‘How do I find the right partner to help me drive my business outcomes?’ At its core, Avionos act as the glue between marketing and sales, enabling business to get something in front of the customer and use data to change it to where it should be. This model, according to Dan, ultimately develops longer-lasting, loyal relationships with valuable customers.  

Avionos in the COVID Era 

Dan says it best: “Avionos sets customers up for quick-hit wins.” In a time marked by uncertainty, it’s unaffordable to wait 12 weeks for a solution to be implemented. This is why the Avionos method is so ideal its clients in the COVID Era. Through Avionos, businesses can figure out how to accelerate the business outcome they are trying to achieve, bring it to market faster and then achieve the funding to take an even bigger next step.  

Want to learn more? 

Listen to Dan Neiweem’s full appearance on the Technori Podcast to hear more on how Avionos sets itself apart in the COVID Era. 

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