Avionos Chief People Officer, Gibson Smith, On Reopening Offices and The Future of The 9 to 5

Avionos Chief People Officer and Co-Founder Gibson Smith spoke with HRO Today to discuss the company’s move to reopen its Chicago office, as well as the future of corporate culture. The big takeaway? No matter what Avionos’s next move is, caring for and supporting its employees will always be front of mind. Here’s the rundown:  

Reopening the Doors  

According to Gibson, when it comes to reopening the Avionos office, everything is “so far, so good.” Avionos has taken all necessary precautions based on federal, state and local guidelines, with the biggest roadblock being concerns surrounding use of public transportation. However, as the state of public transportation continues to improve, Gibson predicts more team members will re-enter the space with confidence. In the meantime, Avionos enforces COVID-19 best practices, including, but not limited to: 

  • Encouraging individuals to wear masks in common spaces 
  • Limiting the number of individuals allowed in a conference room 
  • Limiting office entry strictly to Avionos employees and pre-approved vendors 
  • Enforcing a “You Touch It, You Clean it” policy  
  • Access to hand sanitizer at office entry points 
  • Ample access to cleaning supplies  

What the Future Holds 

In an ideal world, Avionos would love to see the “A-Team” back in action at the office, but according to Gibson, “a lot remains to be seen.” There is “no more 9 to 5,” he says. The structure of an employee’s day will continue to be evaluated and innovated upon. “Work, in my opinion, is no longer about where and when, it’s the what.” Moving forward, “there needs to be a tremendous amount of flexibility and a tremendous amount of support” to accommodate for the needs of all employees.  

Want to hear more? 

Listen to Gibson Smith’s full appearance on the HRO Today Podcast to hear more on the future of work-life balance in the wake of COVID-19.  

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