Adobe Summit 2020: Key Takeaways

Adobe’s annual digital marketing summit wrapped up last week, sharing some major product features marketers should take advantage of. Whether you’re looking to improve your digital experience or start from scratch, here are some of the biggest takeaways you should know about.

The Connection Between Digital and Social Environments

It should come as no surprise that our digital tools and experiences are revolutionizing how we socialize with each other. This is perhaps even more apparent based on how society has shifted communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ever-present use of technology has blurred the lines between life and the digital world. Brands can- and should- use their digital tools as a means to interact with society at many different touchpoints, not just the purchase journey.

Customer Experience is Pivotal

Consumers demand that the brands they love deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. The widespread use of digital tools has created an “always on” culture in which customers always have open lines of communication with brands and always expect answers immediately. This creates a unique opportunity for brands to rise above the competition…or fall flat. Adobe Principal Product Manager Trevor Paulson cited [CD1] problems interpreting data as one of the major pain points for brands. Your team should work to analyze the data and use it to improve customer journeys for an experience that will stand out among competitors.

From Cookies to Consumer Control

Over the next two years, Google will be abandoning cookies, eliminating access to third-party data[CD2] . This means that marketers must reinvent the process to creating personalized experiences. While in previous decades, consumers had little power over their data, they now have control and they want to use it. Companies should be shifting to building first-party connections with consumers. One method to aiding these relationships is creating content geared towards assisting customers on their digital journeys. These pieces of content can serve as assets in creating a brand experience online that customers love.

Beyond sharing tips for marketers, Adobe also introduced a new report[CD3] : the Digital Economy Index. [CD4] It analyzed more than one trillion online transactions across millions of product sales to inform companies about ecommerce trends. The report helps brands interpret and act on these trends to create a better digital experience with greater relevance to customers. Companies looking to improve or optimize their eCommerce platforms should review the whitepaper to understand pricing trends for their products, as well as glean comprehensive insights regarding online purchasing power. 

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