Adobe-Salsify Connector Solves Buyers’ Top Digital Pain Point: Accurate Product Information

Avionos and Salsify launch the Adobe-Salsify Connector to automate publishing product data into Adobe Commerce to increase product information accuracy.


Avionos, a global digital partner to Fortune 500 companies, announces the launch of the Adobe-Salsify Connector, which automates publishing product data into Adobe Commerce. Built by Avionos in partnership with Salsify and Adobe, the Connector enables brands to publish product information quickly and confidently. It reduces manual, repetitive tasks and alerts users of product publishing errors which provides more visibility for brands. All of this means less incorrect product information that customers have to wade through.

As organizations seek ways to increase efficiency in their processes, the Adobe-Salsify Connector is the answer to B2B and B2C buyers’ main pain points: poor product data. In fact, Avionos’ Annual Buyer Reports indicate that detailed, accurate, up-to-date product information is critical to converting browsers to buyers. It increases brand credibility and buyer confidence. In fact, 66% of B2B buyers say their suppliers are not effective in showcasing product information and pricing. On the consumer side, from browsing inventory to completing a purchase, retailers need to go above and beyond to create a seamless checkout experience across channels. More than a quarter of consumers wish finding new products and learning more about products was easier online.

“Customers expect personalized and contextual interactions throughout their digital purchasing experiences. This requires robust and accurate product information which can be a challenge for merchandisers who manage information across sites, marketplaces, and distributors,” said Errol Denger, Director of Strategy and Product Management for Adobe Commerce. “We collaborated with Avionos to build a solution that delivers robust product information into Adobe Commerce optimizing personalization and merchandising across all digital channels. The new Adobe-Salsify Connector was developed using App Builder for Adobe Commerce showcasing its speed and flexibility for building enterprise integrations.”

“2023 is shaping up to be a year with an emphasis on efficiency. Layering in smaller ecosystem players with outsized benefit for digital commerce and experience platform stakeholders is one way to accomplish that,” said Joe Harouni, head of Avionos’ Connected Commerce Practice. “Improving accuracy, efficiency, and visibility in the domain of product information management is an obvious next step for brands seeking to elevate their customer and employee experience, optimize the product management process, and win more on the digital shelf. We partnered with Salsify and Adobe to launch the Connector with these goals top of mind.”

The Connector allows brands to make time for what matters. It provides high visibility into product publish success results so that teams can focus on higher value activity like lead generation, customer experience and customer loyalty i.e., sales and revenue. The Connector will run on App Builder for Adobe Commerce which is included in Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Cloud. It also requires no additional licenses or infrastructure. Salsify is the only PIM Solution that leverages the power of Adobe’s serverless, low-code infrastructure.

“Avionos is uniquely positioned in our partner ecosystem to maximize the combined return on investment of Adobe and Salsify. Partnering with our product organization to create The Connector, Avionos pushes the envelope of what is possible through Salsify’s composable, extensible platform. Some of our largest customers choose to partner with Avionos not just due to their platform capabilities, but also their outcome-driven approach to process design, commerce and content strategy, and end-to-end digital transformation,” said Salsify Chief Corporate Development Officer, John Federman.

Avionos is an Adobe Gold Partner and a Salsify Gold Partner. The companies worked together to create an offering specifically for brands that seek to maximize their existing digital commerce and experience platform investment. The Connector is a way for them to enhance the employee and customer experience while driving business value without another extraordinary investment.

To learn more about the Adobe-Salsify Connector, please go here.

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