A Day in the Life of an AEM Developer with Travis Estell

Being passionate about high-quality solutions and delivering measurable results makes our AEM Developers key players in providing innovative digital experiences for our customers. Our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developers provide high quality code solutions to meet digital commerce and marketing client needs in the implementation, enhancement, and support phase of project-based technology implementations. Hear from Travis Estell on his role as Lead AEM Developer: 


Give me a brief background on your career, where you’re from, and your favorite way to spend your time outside of work.

I’m Travis Estell, a Lead AEM Developer who is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Outside of work I like traveling, photography, and playing music.


Why did you want to work as an AEM developer? 

I learned the basics of HTML and CSS on my own while I was in middle school and became known as the go-to guy for building websites. Since then, I have never stopped learning about new technologies and platforms, and went to college for Electronic Media. I have now been working with the AEM platform for over a decade and was excited to step into the Lead AEM Developer role at Avionos.


What drew you to joining the ATeam?

The biggest draw for me was the high quality of the people at Avionos. There were several people that I had worked with in the past and many others that are big names in this industry.


What excites you about your work at Avionos?

I am excited to deliver high quality technology to our clients that will help them have a real, measurable impact towards their marketing and commerce goals.


What is the proudest moment of your career?

It’s always exciting to see a new site launch after months of hard work, especially when it’s a well-designed, modern, mobile-friendly site replacing a much more outdated and less functional site.


What skills do you think help you succeed the most at Avionos?

I am driven by the desire to find the best solution to a particular problem, which leads me to explore many different options and think about all the trade-offs of the different approaches developers might take.


What’s the best way to start your work day? 

Make a nice big pour-over coffee, wait for the caffeine to kick in, and dive right in.


Where do you see your role in the future? 

I am looking forward to taking on a wide variety of challenges as I work on different projects at Avionos, and continuing to learn and gain experience with emerging technologies.


What advice would you give to someone just starting as a developer or more generally, just starting at Avionos? 

Be prepared to work hard, but trust that you will be supported by a great team of smart and hardworking people!

Join Travis in delivering world-class digital solutions. Apply to become an Adobe Experience Manager here. 

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