A Day in the Life of an AEM Developer with Carlos Obregon

Here at Avionos we’re proud to be an Adobe Gold Partner, and that honor is due to the outstanding work our team of Adobe experts create. From personalized digital experiences to fast and reliable commerce portals, our team has done it all!

In addition to the work we do for clients, we also focus on continuous education for our employees. We believe there’s always something more you can learn, regardless of your experience level. AEM Developer Carlos Obregon not only is a master of AEM, but also a mentor and AEM teacher to others on the A-team. Learn about Carlos and his work below:

Give Me A Brief Background On Your Career, Where You’re From, And Your Favorite Way To Spend Your Time Outside Of Work.

I have been working as a programmer for 14 years! I’ve almost always used Java although in my university I preferred C++, but now I have fallen in love with Java! I started the Bogota’s Java User Group 9 years ago and because of it I have met a lot of people and I’ve gained opportunities by being active in that community. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family. We love playing board games, watching movies, and playing video games from time to time.

Why Did You Want To Work As an AEM Dev?

I was assigned to my first AEM project 8 years ago. At first I found interest in the novelty. The more I used it, the more I saw the opportunity to teach others, so I wanted to become an expert to be able to help others. I think of AEM as a puzzle: there’s little pieces and you need to find a way to use them to make a beautiful picture!

What Drew You To Joining The ATeam?

When I did the interview process to join Avionos I was blown away with the depth of knowledge that the interviewers showed on AEM. I was sure that I could learn a lot more about AEM here!

What Is The Proudest Moment Of Your Career?

It’s hard to pick one: every launch of a project I have worked on has been very special, being assigned as Tech Lead of the Avionos Colombia Office was amazing. I was also very proud when I was chosen to write a chapter for O’Reilly’s book 97 Things Every Java Developer Should Know.

What Skills Do You Think Help You Succeed The Most At Avionos?

I think it is very important to always have a positive attitude, focus on the solutions and the lesson learned more than anything else. You also want to bring some laughs and lightness to every meeting. It helps make the days feel less like work and more like spending time with cool people. But above all you need to be reliable: you need to care for the tasks you are given and make sure you’ll always be one step ahead until the functionality has been fully tested. Finally I fully believe in “there’s not a problem that is someone else’s problem”

What’s The Best Way To Start Your Work Day?

Thinking that today is the day you are going to do your best work yet! But a cup of hot coffee helps a lot!

Where Do You See Yourself As an AEM Dev In The Future?

I really want to learn a lot more about AEM and be able to share it with the whole company by contributing to our Knowledge Base or our bootcamps.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Just Starting As an AEM Dev Or More Generally Just Starting At Avionos?

Being sure that your functionality works as expected in every possible scenario is much more than just coding. You need to pause and think about the big picture. If you aren’t sure how to do something don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. Never stop learning, even if you think you’ll never use what you’re learning again; everything that you learn will make you a better software developer. Knowing about different technologies might seem like a good idea in the short term but if you want to be highly successful in the long road you need to become an expert in the foundations of your favorite programming language.

Want to deepen your AEM expertise with Carlos? Apply to be an AEM Developer here.

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