A Day in the Life of a Demand Gen Representative: Valentina Mafla

The ATeam is a passionate and driven team that delivers best-in-class e-commerce and marketing solutions for clients. Avionos drives results through the help of employees working one on one with clients, but also by having employees that work internally. DGRs are extremely important for this business because they support both sales and marketing. They are responsible for finding new prospects to target, creating marketing automation flows for key industries, supporting the BDRs/CEs, and working with the marketing team to create and refine lists. Our Bogota team is grateful to have Valentina, lead DGR, to help this company thrive. Learn more about Valentina’s experience at Avionos thus far:  


Give me a brief background on your career, where you are from, and your favorite way to spend your time outside of work. 


I have experience with digital marketing work for PR and Advertising companies as an Account Executive for worldwide known retail and consumer goods brands. From the Tech side, I’ve worked as a Digital Marketer and Online Training Analyst for a Global Pharmaceutical company in Spain supporting Global deployment of Digital Transformation and new tech solutions for sales and marketing teams.  

I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. When it comes to time spent outside of work, I enjoy jogging or reading novels in nature. Those hobbies always help me relax, calm down, or even re-boot after a long day.  


Why did you want to work as a DGR? 


I really wanted to continue building my career path in sales and having the opportunity to be a DGR was a wonderful way to start out. We have the luck of working and supporting BDR’s, CE’s, getting to know Avionos products and services, as well as nurturing the team from the ground up.  


What drew you to joining the A-Team? 


Ever since my experience in the Global Commercial Excellence department I began to value the tech industry more, specifically the innovative digital solutions. I also became a HUGE Salesforce CRM enthusiast! Avionos was my fit when I found out they were Salesforce Silver partners and focused on digital transformation. I truly could not ask for more! I was so excited to be a part of this amazing team and in an industry that is surrounded by great tools. 


What excited you about your work at Avionos? 


Avionos culture, as it is a Great Place to Work! It all started with the people. Being constantly surrounded by knowledgeable people, the motivation they give us to grow our career, and the resources, like certifications, which are unbelievably valuable for our professional growth really made Avionos stand out. To top it all off, the fact that Avionos considered Colombia as a starting point for their growth as a company truly got me excited to join this company. 


What is the proudest moment of your career? 


From my prior experiences when it came to the deployment of new tools in other countries, just seeing how the product we chose was adapting into diverse cultures and languages was amazing to witness!  

Also, any time I see a DGR effort converted into an opportunity or representative activity for the team is my proudest moment. For example, when I was given the opportunity to settle a meeting with a prospect for the first time and deliver my first sales deck presentation at Avionos for the executive team.  


What skills do you think help you succeed the most at Avionos?  


Asking questions! It doesn’t matter if you think the answer is too obvious. Also, being proactive in proposing solutions to any challenges. Last but not least, I believe that effective communication and attention to detail are also key skills for this role.  


What is the best way to start your workday? 


I enjoy starting my mornings with some exercise, drinking a healthy smoothie, and listening to the news or a good podcast. This is the best way for me to start my day energized and ready for the workday. Then I like to organize my day/week priorities to have a thoughtful overview of what I will be working on and what I should prioritize with regards to my deadlines. 


Where do you see yourself as a DGR in the future?  


I see the role of a DGR evolving into a consultant in any managing position within the sales team. Also, I feel we can connect with the marketing team, create greater alliances, support them with campaigns, and marketing needs as well.  


What advice would you give to someone just starting as a DGR or more generally just starting at Avionos?  


I encourage you to ask questions and to be curious and passionate with all the given resources/teammates. Doing this and taking advantage of all the available certifications is the best advice I can give to anyone starting at Avionos.  


Want to work with Valentina to internally support and build prospects for Avionos? Apply to be a Demand Generation Representative here. 


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