A Day in the Life of a Change Management Consultant: Justin Haque

It’s no secret that Avionos employees love their work. In fact, Avionos was just named the 15th best workplace in Chicago according to Fortune Magazine.  We’d like to introduce you to one of our incredible A-Team members, Justin Haque.

Justin Haque is a Change Management Consultant here at Avionos. Change management consultants work with our clients to help roll out changes across the organization and encourage adoption to maximize the impact of the digital transformation. Justin shared his favorite parts about Avionos and how his passion has driven him to succeed. Read his thoughts below: 


Give me a brief background on your career, where you’re from, and your favorite way to spend your free time.

I was born in New Jersey, but raised in the Saint Louis area! My favorite way to spend my free time is usually attending standup shows, longboarding, & hanging with my friends!

I started my career as a Process Improvement Engineer at AT&T. A lot of my work was aligned to the Change Management Business Practice. With those skills, I was able to move up to the Project Manager position for a ~$200M project where I would find inefficiencies and changes required for an optimal smooth transition of circuit installation for our client. I worked there for a year and a half before starting my PhD in Electrical Engineering. After finishing my Master’s degree, I decided to move away from my PhD and into consulting, and that is how I found Avionos!


Why did you want to work as a change management consultant?

I’ve always had a very meticulous attention to detail. There are many aspects of change management where these skills help in making sure no stone is left unturned, allowing me to give the most comprehensive report during discovery and the best direction to go moving forward. 


What drew you to joining the A-Team?

The people and growth! My time here at Avionos shows me every day how many opportunities I have and how much my success means to the people I work with. 


What is the proudest moment of your career?

The level of impact I had on the client & how much my work contributed to the success of the project!


What skills do you think help you succeed the most at Avionos?

A keen attention to detail and sense of curiosity about the intricacies of a system or process.


What’s the best way to start your workday?

My favorite way to start my workday is going through my emails and categorizing my work for a productive day. 


Where do you see yourself as a change management consultant in the future?

Here at Avionos! I love the work I do here and the leadership and mentors will help me get very far in my career.


What advice would you give to someone just starting in change management consulting or more generally, just starting at Avionos?

A love for knowledge and understanding can take you very far here at Avionos. Stay curious!

Want to work with Justin, and other members of the A-Team? Apply to be our next Digital Transformation Lead here or explore our other job openings.

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